7 Tips to Avoid Procrastination in Essay Writing

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In today’s post, I will be sharing top tips that will help avoid procrastination.

I know everyone will agree with me when I say:

Procrastination is a trap that you can easily fall into.

We know what we should do, and how important it is to get it done. Still, we don’t do it. Everyone has done it at least once in their lifetime; delayed an essay until the very last minute. Then, we are forced to pull an all-nighter. We are frustrated, exhausted, and not in the right mental state. We hand in our essay that rarely displays our best work. This has an adverse impact on your grades.

Fortunately, by being well-organized and having a plan, you can avoid procrastination. When you are organized, you will know what needs to be done. You will know what your priorities are. There are several other ways to avoid procrastination.

Here are some tips that will stop you from stressing out over deadlines.

Come Up with a Schedule

One of the first things you need to do to avoid procrastination is to create a schedule for writing the essay. Make a list of all tasks you need to do and different phases of writing. After that, you must divide the whole process into smaller tasks. You will have to figure out the time it will take to complete a phase.

When deciding how much time it will take, you need to think about how long it takes you to finish a task. For instance, doing research might be time-consuming for you than outlining the paper.

Moreover, scheduling your days will help in completing your essay well before time.

Focus Better Using a Timer

Another tip to avoid procrastination is by using a timer, having a schedule work time, and break time. When you use a timer, you can concentrate better on your work. This will help in blocking everything out.

For instance, you can work for 50 minutes and take a break for 10 minutes.

Many people use the Pomodoro Technique. In this technique, you must work for 25 minutes and take a 5 minutes break. Every block is known as the Pomodoro Cycle. The cycle continues until you complete your task.

Reward Yourself for Motivation

We all know getting a reward for accomplishing a goal encourages you to continue doing it. To avoid procrastination, you should reward yourself. This will enable you to see and recognize your progress.

It is advised to reward yourself for every phase you complete. This will motivate you to work and finish your essay.

An important thing to keep in mind is that rewards as a motivator will work for the short term. So, you cannot just rely on rewards as the only motivator.

Create a Mind Map

If you are having trouble writing your essay, then it is advised not to write. This might come across strange, yet, it can help you get things down. Creating a mind map is one of the ways that will help get in the flow. It is an excellent method to help you avoid procrastination.

Here is a guide to creating a mind map.

  • The first step is to take a page and write down the topic in the middle.
  • Now, you must different aspects of the topic.
  • Think about every aspect and write down the ideas that come to your mind.
  • Keeping doing this until you are ready to write the essay.

Focus on the Hard Stuff

This is a great tip for getting your essay done. One of the reasons we procrastinate an essay is that its hard. So, we push it farther as much as we can. To complete your essay and avoid procrastination, you need to focus on completing the hard stuff first.

We know it might be boring and extremely hard for you. But you should do it anyway. Once you are done with the hard part, you will be motivated to finish the easy part. Since it will seem easy, you will spend less time on it.

Keep in mind, if you keep pushing your essay back, you will not get it done. So, it is better to just sit down and start with the hardest part.

Eliminate Distractions

We all have been through this. Whenever we have an important project or paper due, we often focus on other stuff that also seems important. We think we are being productive, but actually, we are just delaying working on the assignment.

It is extremely easy to get distracted. Hence, it is crucial to eliminate all the distractions from your surroundings before start working on the essay. This will help in preventing you from being sidetracked during the task.

Let’s say, you spend a lot of time on Instagram or Snapchat. What you should do is either keep your phone away from your reach or just shut it off.

Besides this, distractions come in all forms. You could have a sibling or a roommate who is irritating or annoying. In such circumstances, you can either change your environment. Just go to a library or a café to get started on the essay. This will help keep your study and mind distraction-free. Or you can listen to your favorite songs to reduce outside noise.

Work on the First Draft

It is better to start working on your first draft to avoid procrastination. You cannot write the perfect essay in the first attempt. This is because it is impossible to write error-free and brilliant content in the first try. If you want your essay to be perfect, you will have to edit and revise your writing.

Writing and editing the essay at the same time is not a good practice. That is why it is better to write the first draft quickly, leaving spelling mistakes and sentences that don’t make any sense. When you are done with the draft, return to fix it.

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