Every kind of art is very typical in Paris. It’s one of the reasons why people enjoy travelling to Paris so much. Street art here isn’t so easy to miss except if you have absolutely no clue where you could really find the different types of street artists in Paris.

The famous phrase “cultures urbaines” meaning “urban culture” has been used to express the artistic, cultural, as well as the sport customs that take place in the streets of Paris. The street performers in Paris perform anything and everything which people might find fascinating. These include acrobats, clowns, comedians, dancers, jugglers, singers, fortune-tellers, musicians, puppeteers, story tellers, snake charmers, painters and even magicians – in french; Magicien Paris.

The culture of street art really started in the 1980’s having taken inspiration from hip-hop music. The neighborhood of Paris in the East was inspired by the culture followed in the US, and soon became the chief spot for such urban culture.


7 Different Types of Street Artists in Paris


1.     Musicians

It’s always been a matter of great astonishment to people when it comes to the talented street musicians in Paris. These street artists include the opera singers, as well as the great classical musicians that are always seen just below the curvatures in Place des Vosges. There are various different kinds of jazz bands found in St Germain des Prés, or even the street musicians present in Montmartre and the entertainers found in the Métro.

It isn’t easy to answer whether the street musicians are even allowed to perform on the streets because the rules are masked in the French bureaucracy. However, they aren’t permitted to ask people to pay them for their performances. It is a decision of people whether they wish to drop some change so as to appreciate them for their performances.

2.     Dancers

For all the dancing enthusiasts out there, Paris is just the perfect place for them to visit because they will certainly get to enjoy the hip-hop dancing, break dancing, popping and locking, vogue etc. There are always the fans of contemporary dances and the classical ballets, ballroom, as well as outdoor dancing moves. Among the greatest street artists of Paris are the street dancers especially in the North East side of Paris. Numerous street performances are often even taken to the great concert halls where the spectators get to enjoy ballets, hip-hop dances and even the choreographic performances.

3.     Graffiti and Street Artists

Paris is a great place of culture and tradition which is popular because of all the museums, galleries and restaurants. However, it’s the great city’s bright street art and graffiti that goes unnoticed quite often. Let alone Louvre which is the greatest gallery in Paris, just by touring through the various murals all over the city can easily give a great idea of how wonderful the neighborhoods are which often aren’t noticed at all. In reality however, the graffiti culture is so popular in Paris and it goes beyond just some ugly tags on walls by the railway tracks, and in the recent years, there are so many talented street artists whose street works are now rather respected as authentic art. Many of these French “graffeurs” today also have their great works exhibited in prominent galleries.

4.     Painters

The skillful painters are very common among all the different kinds of street artists in Paris. Many of such artists and painters have some of their works all ready for sale so that the people can walk and browse through. Whereas, some of these street artists do create the pictures and portraits then and there while the people wait on them. Therefore, many tourists and travelers are often found here waiting for their portraits to be completed and commissioned.  Such portraits are a rather unique and great souvenir for everyone to carry back home from their visit or trip to Paris, that is, the city of lights.

5.     Actors

Le Manoir is technically a show in Paris which exclusively takes place indoors. This is actually the city’s own sinister tower theatre and, even though this is creepy as hell, people surely come and enjoy here.

Usually, these shows actually take place indoors and during night time. But when they are planned and acted out during the day time, all the tourists, as well as the locals in this region of Paris do get to come and enjoy some of these theatrical sightings of the said creepy street artists around the streets adjacent to the theatre. Here, the actors are in their full form and character and they may take their act out into the streets for the purpose of the promotion of their show and to create a buzz about it.

6.     Opera Singers

At this place called Place des Vosges, it is quite common for people to be able to observe and listen to all the live opera singers who gather underneath the trees in a joined festivity of their art. This experience of watching the opera performers live while being surrounded by ancient decorative buildings, as well as the Parisian sky is unique.

7.     Magicians and Mimes

Magicians in Paris are commonly seen practicing their tricks around the various different street corners. They are a reason of attraction for many spectators; children specifically, and they try to entertain them using different astonishing magic tricks.

On some occasions, if someone really is lucky enough, they might even come across a real mime in the streets of Paris, who would be seen performing their art underground in the metro.


If you’re one of those people who would love to celebrate and enjoy every form of art, Paris is certainly just the place you want to be in. Tracking all these street artists down could be a challenger but it’s certainly worth the try for everyone. So happy hunting!