7 Ways to Get the Lowest Rates on Quick Loans


No matter how much you earn or save, a time of crisis or emergency can arise where you would need to take out quick loans to meet your unforeseen expenses. Now, we all wouldn’t want to pay more than necessary. There are ways you can work around this in quick loans and get the best offers with lowest rates. Some of them include:

Take a Loan From a Friend or Family Member

Taking a quick loan from a friend or family member is the best option. By asking for help from your support group, you can decide the terms and conditions mutually. Often, interest rates are minimal to none when borrowing cash from a friend or family member. You can protect your relationship with the person by signing a promissory note for the loan. Through this arrangement, there will be clear expectations from both sides and the relationship would not be affected negatively.

Lower Your Debt-to-Income Ratio

Lenders take into account the debt-to-income (DTI) ratio when giving quick personal loans. Your-debt-to-income ratio is all your monthly debt obligations divided by your monthly income without tax. The DTI shows whether a person can pay off the loan they’re taking. If you have a high DTI, lenders will charge you with higher interest rates. Thus, it is best to lower down your DTI by paying off your existing debt, which will make you a less risky borrower.

Be Clear and Precise with What You Want

If you want a quick loan at a low rate, you need to map out clearly what you are planning to do with the borrowed amount. This will help you calculate the exact amount you need and how much time it would take to repay it.


To get a clear idea of how much loan you want and how much you can afford to give back in a certain time, you need to research quick loan online. Your research must include looking at the different rates that different lenders are charging for the same loan. If you are confused about how much amount you want to borrow, you could use a comparison site to play around with different amounts of money. These tools are available on different websites and they can help you to calculate how much time it would take to return a certain amount of money. Generally, the longer the period you borrow money, the more will be the interest rate. So as a practice, try to borrow money for a shorter time period.

Use Soft Searching

When applying for a loan, there is a general temptation to apply for multiple loans. If you want to get low rates on your quick loans, you need to avoid applying for multiple loans at all costs. This will protect your credit score.

Every time you apply for a loan, it is shown in your credit report history, which is accessible to lenders. These are hard searches and can negatively impact your profile if you have given applications for multiple loans. This affects your credit score and causes lenders to give you loans at higher rates (especially if your loan applications have been rejected).

You can use soft searches for quick loans online. In this, you get a quotation by providing some basic information about yourself. The tools in soft search can guide you on the loans you can be accepted for. The best part about soft search is that it can’t be seen by lenders. Once the soft search helps you decide which loan you’ll be accepted for, you only submit the loan application for that specific loan and save the risk of getting your loan application rejected. This practice protects your credit score and gets you quick loans at low rates. If you are still struggling to acquire a quick loan because of your credit score try these steps to improve your score.

Shop Around

Every lender has different criteria for determining interest rates. This is why, you shouldn’t take the first loan you get and should shop around to get the best rates. Moreover, it is important to keep in mind other factors, besides the interest rate, while taking out a loan. These include eligibility for early pay-off penalties or handling fees. These things can make the loan more expensive. So, even if a lender advertises low interest rates, other things need to be kept into account to get the best offer at the lowest rate. This can only be done if you shop around from different lenders.

Borrow More Amount of Money

Lenders charge different rates depending on the amount of money you borrow. The more amount of money you borrow, the lesser would be the interest rate. You need to calculate how much amount you require at max and how low can your interest rate be, depending on that amount.

Consider All Options With Respect to Amount

With a personal loan, the maximum amount you’re allowed to borrow is £25,000. On the other hand, with a credit card, you can borrow around £5,000. So, if you want to borrow less amount of money, then you can opt for getting a credit card rather than a personal loan. The advantage with this is that you can borrow whenever you want and pay back as soon as you’re able to. Moreover, with credit cards, you get offers like 0% interest which makes these loans cheaper than personal loans. You won’t be bounded in a repayment plan for long time period and have flexibility over when you can repay or end the agreement. Hence, if you need a smaller amount then it best to go for a credit card rather than the hassle of getting a personal loan.


Quick loans can help you manage your finances. It is not easy to get quick loans at low rates, however the aforementioned tips can guide you into acquiring a loan at the best rates.

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