7 Ways to Understand Your Child Better

Is your child behaving in a strange way? Is your child’s behavior bothering you? Now is the moment you should understand your child in a better way. Children are different from adults. Some incidents might have a very strong impact on them.

This might bring changes in their behavior. Also, this impact might last for all their life. For example, if a child falls off from a bike and gets very hurt, there are chances he might develop fear and hatred towards bike rides. Similarly, other incidents may also leave a strong impression on a child’s heart.

Children are said to be like soft clay. They will get the shape we mold them. Children are tender and innocent. As a parent, it is your responsibility to understand your child’s feelings and help in the growth of their personality. Here are a few tips to understand your child better


Pay attention to your child

Just like adults, children crave attention. Try involving yourself in various activities with your child like playing with them, helping them with their homework, or just watching their favorite show with them.

Simple acts of attention can help your child in building their self-esteem. Confidence and personality. This will also improve your bond with your child.


Observe your child

Children express themselves in different ways. They may not be expressed through words but their actions say a lot. Observe how your child responds to somebody’s questions, how they play, and what shows they are watching. Observing their daily activities and interests will let you understand your child’s behavior and personality. This will also help you improve the weak traits your child has.


Appreciate your child

How do you feel when your boss praises you for your work? Extremely happy, right? That is how your child will also feel when you appreciate them for their achievements. Your child’s achievement may be small for you, but it is surely a big thing for them. Appreciating your child will develop their self-confidence and boost their energy. It will also encourage them to achieve much more in the future.


Be your child’s best friend

Be friendly with your child. Don’t impose strict rules on them. Children often tend to hide many things from their parents due to fear. If you establish a friendly relationship with your child, they can express their feelings with you.

You can understand and guide your child in a better way when you develop a close bond with them. Remember that you can be both a parent and a friend to your child while still maintaining your boundaries.


Every child is unique

As a parent, you need to understand that every child is unique. Don’t compare your child with other kids. Your child has their own capabilities and talents. Constantly comparing your child with other kids will lower their self-esteem. It will also increase their stress levels and cause anxiety.

This might also affect your bond with them. Comparing your kids with others will make them feel that everybody else is better than them and might cause severe mental illnesses like depression, and much more. “Look at that child, he is so much better than you.”, “why can’t you be like your friend?” think before you say such lines to your child next time.


Listen to your child

Listening to your child will build a strong relationship between both of you. It will also help them open up to you. Also, it is important to listen to your child with an open mind. Do Not respond in a negative way. Don’t shout or punish after listening to them.

This might upset them and they may never share with you again. Listen with patience, even if your child has committed a mistake, guide them to the right path. Talk to them in a polite way. This will make them feel more comfortable.


Support your child

Family is the biggest support to anybody. Your child also has many dreams and goals. Support your child in their journey. Children might give up after failure if they don’t get the right support at the right time.

If you don’t want your child to give up, you have to support them. Your encouragement will boost their confidence and energy too. Support your children during their bad days.

These tricks will help you improve your relationship with your child. As every child is different, every trick may not be effective for your child. It is advised to consult a child psychologist for the better development of your child.

A child psychologist will improve your child’s mental health. If you find significant negative changes in your child’s behavior, consulting a child psychologist will be beneficial.