Billions of people use the internet as their number one source of information. To increase your website’s uptime and protect sensitive information, you need a reliable web host.

Just like every other technology, web hosts are constantly upgrading their protocols, software and hardware to make the web experience better for users.  To stay on the cutting edge it is important to move with the trends in the industry.

Below are some web hosting trends in 2019 that could influence your business.


Better Security Protocols

With the ever-increasing rate of data breaches, many companies are now settling for providers with improved security. Many web hosts are opting for new authentication tools, such as having a two-factor authentication protocol for each user session.

This method includes sending emails or text messages containing an OTP (one-time password) to users. Additionally, a CAPTCHA tool is used. Introducing extra steps to login into your hosting account secures your site from malicious users and hackers.

Other security measures include upgrading to the latest OS version, and the use of new security protocols like SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certification to check for CMS vulnerabilities. Your host should also follow the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), so make sure you stay up to date about the subject.


Eco friendly hosting

Every time you use a website, 20 milligrams of carbon dioxide is generated. Multiply the 20 milligrams by the 3.5 billion internet users in the world, and that’ll give you the level of damage we do to our planet. Studies show that, if this pollution continues until 2020, it would surpass the level of pollution caused by airlines.

In a bid to eradicate, or at the very least reduce the level of carbon dioxide generated, many organisations are tilting towards eco-friendly hosts, also known as green hosting. Green hosting uses renewable energy to power their data centres.

Green hosting includes carbon offsetting, planting trees and grass around data centres, energy conservation and the use of energy saving appliances. This trend started in 2018 and will take a foothold in the industry.


Inclusive Packages

The hosting you choose can affect your website. Because of this, many webmasters are asking for hosting services that include extra web developing components. If you have decided to build a website, it is only logical to choose a company that can provide you with free web hosting, email hosting, SEO and several other tools.

An all-inclusive hosting package means spending less money for more services. Users will lean towards hosts that offer more packages.


Virtual and Cloud Hosting

Cloud computing is a known trend in tech and is starting to appear more frequently in the hosting world. This trend is popular because of its security and uptime. One major benefit of virtual hosting is that it is cost effective. It can be scaled based on your need and resources.

Cloud hosting is also a flexible type of web hosting. It offers productivity for remote and in-house employees. No matter where you are, you can have access to information.


Cost Effective Hosting

Generally, the cost of web hosting is minimal. However, users are still moving toward hosts that have competitive prices. Because of this, web hosting providers try to outsmart each other by offering discounts. Take note of any additional up-sell services that might be built into discount offers. Before you opt for any service consider the following:


  • Features: Other comprehensive features the host offers.
  • Customer support: How dependable is the support system of the host?
  • Reliability: Can you use your sites regularly without facing downtimes?
  • Performance: Check the load speed. Don’t shoot yourself in the leg by getting an inexpensive host with low speed.


HTTPS is the New Security Standard

HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) is now a new must-have for all websites. In July 2018, Google Chrome browser marked sites lacking HTTPS as insecure. If the browser notifies guests that your site is not safe, they will leave immediately. Also, Google has declared that it would favour websites with HTTPS over ones without.

This means that your site must have Hypertext Transfer Protocol with security certificates. Many web host companies offer free HTTPS, so you might not need to pay for it.


Automated Backups

Many hosting companies now use headless CMSs, or API-first CMS backups. CMS (content management system) backups can restore lost information on your website. This is a quicker and more efficient way to backup your website. API-first CMSs are fast and take up less space. The backups are done at short intervals, either daily or weekly.



Web hosting is essential for a business to thrive. New trends are huge developments that can grow your business. Look for hosts that offer new hosting plans like green hosting and cloud services. There is a frenzy about privacy and security on the internet, so do check if your hosts have better security protocols and automated backups on offer. A very good example of an all-inclusive and reliable hosting company is Freeparking.