Modern-day life, with its non-stop stream of chores, commutes and paperwork, can be quite repetitive and overwhelming. Every day, we feel so overpowered and trapped, chocked by the monotonous routines that wend to slide into. But, thankfully, there are plenty of amazing travel experiences that help us break away effectively from our routine, and even change our lives for the better.

Trust me, going on a life-changing trip and breaking away from your routine can break the patterns you’ve grown accustomed to as well as make you reexamine your habits. Furthermore, experiencing a foreign culture will give you a different perspective in life, eventually helping you grow as a person.

And, the world is filled with once-in-a-lifetime adventures and breathtaking trips that will change your life. So, grab your travel bag, and experience any of these fascinating escapades.

Travel solo in Bali

They don’t call Bali as a “heavenly tropical paradise” or the “Island of the Gods” for nothing. With its irresistible tropical beauty, Bali has been, for decades, a refuge for artists and writers seeking inspiration. From its awe-inspiring scenery to its serene retreats, Bali has a plethora of delights to offer to solo travelers. Although it’s an extremely popular international destination, it still offers a great and refreshing solo escape.

Get a glimpse of ancient Egypt

Egypt’s political structure may be perpetually evolving, but the splendor of its ancient civilization remains constant and intact, offering a memorable bucket-list-worthy trip. Kick start your life-changing experience in Egypt on the right foot with a visit to the legendary pyramids of Giza. From Luxor, take a Nile river cruise to the Kom Ombo twin temple, the Valley of the Kings and Temple of Edfu. Then, sail with a felucca, and delve into a myriad of cultural experiences, such as a dinner in a Nubian village.

Dive the famous Great Barrier Reef

With more than 2,000 individual reefs wonderfully intermixed with dozens of islands, the Great Barrier Reef is unmatched by any underwater wonder or reef system on earth. Its vastness is a reminder of the immense of size of the world’s oceans and the fragility of its diverse ecosystems.


Travel back in time in Transylvania, Romania
The region of Transylvania, Romania is famous for its countryside where picturesque landscapes and traditional villages create a magical feeling. Time here moves slow and locals lead a simple life: farming the land, taking care of animals and their household. There are few signs of civilisation and nature is peaceful and soothing. Spend a couple of days here to disconnect and soon you’ll feel like you’ve travelled back in time! Look for tours in Transylvania if you want to discover this famous region of Romania.

Go on a spiritual tour in Jerusalem

Not an overly religious person? Guess what? You can still have a blast exploring the historic city of Jerusalem. Known as one of the world’s oldest cities, Jerusalem has been for thousands of years a religious and cultural crossroad, home to a wide array of architecture, religious buildings and museums.

See the history and beauty of Rome

Admired for its history, culture and sophisticated ambiance, Rome is truly a splendid mash-up of artistic masterpieces, majestic architecture and world-class museums. As a matter of fact, just a stroll along the streets in Rome will feel pretty rewarding and a feast for the senses.

Indulge on an amorous trip in Paris

Paris, famous for its romantic and sophisticated charm, is a beloved European city that should be on everyone’s travel bucket list. From a sumptuous cuisine to remarkable museums and architecture, the “City of Lights” has no shortage of pleasurable and memorable experiences for everybody. On top of that, Paris is a great base to the rest of France.

Be enthralled by Iceland’s surreal landscapes

Iceland is a wonderfully bizarre and small island-country that has birthed a ton of talented musicians, like Bjork and Sigur Ros. Of course, Iceland flaunts surreal landscapes as well as a one-of-a-kind culture impacted primarily by the Norse Viking culture. And, by the way, did we mention that it’s one of the best spots on earth to catch sight of the ethereal and shimmering Aurora Borealis, or also known as the “Northern Lights”?

Explore the Big Apple

New York is, without a doubt, every traveler’s dream destination, as Limo Find points out. After all, it is home to some of the most iconic sights and landmarks in the world, such as the Central Park, Statue of Liberty, Times Square and the Empire State Building.  What’s more, the city has dozens of galleries and world-class museums, from The Frick Collection to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. And, like most vibrant and bustling metropolises, the city also has a vibrant nightlife circuit and a blossoming culinary scene.

Did we miss anything? Got a bucket list experience that you’d like to share to us? Then, feel free to share your ideas and thoughts using the comment section!