Taking proper care of our teeth should be an essential priority for us, seeing as it serves numerous vital functions.

Unlike getting regular physical checkups, most people do not see the need to visit their dentist regularly.

There are some misconceptions that the dentist should only be visited when one is a child or when one has a toothache; contrary to these, it is recommended that full dental checkups should be carried out every six months.

However, more frequent visits might be needed if the dentist finds something wrong with your teeth.


Here are eight reasons why you should get regular dental checkups;


To maintain optimum cleanliness

While brushing twice a day and flossing are good practices, some areas in the mouth do not get cleaned thoroughly. These concealed areas might then have a build-up of plaque, which can harden into tartar if left for to long.

A dentist has the knowledge and tools to spot these problem areas and clean them effectively.


To detect abnormalities

Your teeth might look pretty and beautiful to you, but only a certified dentist can be able to look underneath the surface to discover any defects.

They can then prescribe the best course of action to treat these anomalies.


To prevent infections and injuries

Conditions like oral cancer, cavities, and root canal infections can be debilitating to the health if left untreated.

Regular visits to the dentist go a long way to ensuring that these infections and injuries do not occur in the first place.


To get an in-depth evaluation

A tooth disorder can go unnoticed for a long time until it reaches its advanced stage when signs and symptoms begin to show.

However, dentists are trained to spot the disorder at an early stage and take preventive measures.

An x-ray is used to reveal what is going on under the surface layer of the teeth.


To avoid expensive procedures

Once cavities, gum disease, gingivitis, and root canal infections reach their advanced stages, some restorative treatments need to be carried out to correct them.

The treatments might be expensive and, as such, affect your finances if you are not prepared for them.

A Lakehaven dentist recommends regular dental visits to maintain good dental health to reduce the need for restorative dental procedures in the future, therefore saving you money in the long term.


To maintain the appearance of your teeth

Carbonated drinks, alcohol, sugary snacks, and smoking are some of the activities that can predispose a person to have sensitive and stained teeth.

Dentist’s offer teeth whitening procedures that are very effective and safe for your health. You can also get fluoride treatments and fissure sealants to strengthen the teeth.


To develop good habits

There might be some lifestyle choices that are endangering the health of your mouth, which are unknown to you.

A dentist knows to inform you about these harmful practices and how to stay away from them.

They can also give you pertinent information about excellent habits to develop that will help to safeguard your teeth and keep infections or disease from setting in.


Assessment of the health status of your mouth

A dental checkup is not only focused on your teeth and gums; the health status of the whole mouth is assessed as well.

Chronic bad breath, sores in the mouth, and other conditions are usually a result of some underlying problems which can be resolved when you visit the dentist regularly.

The tongue, palate, and saliva glands will be thoroughly checked to detect abnormalities. You have many benefits to gain when you attend all your regular dental appointments.