Unforeseen emergencies with the door lock of your home or office can be frustrating. No one likes losing their keys and getting locked out of their apartment. That’s why you should always have a locksmith on speed dial. Also, alongside cases where you can’t get into your home because you can’t find your keys, there are other times when you may need the services of a locksmith. 

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That said, here are some cases where you might need the services of a locksmith:


1. Locking Yourself Out of Your Apartment

There are very few things as annoying as locking yourself out of your home or office. It gets worse when you don’t have a spare key to help you get back into the building. Fortunately, a locksmith can save you from the stress of such emergencies. Rather than destroy the lock of your house or spend needlessly to hire tools to get the job done yourself, you can reach out to a locksmith to help you get back into your apartment. 

Even if you’ve shut yourself out of your car, there’s no need to break the lock and damage your automobile in the process. Professional automobile locksmiths specialize in the lock systems of different types of vehicles. They’re your best bet to getting back into your car safely without damaging the door. 

2. Moving Into a New Home or Office  

There’s no better time to hire a locksmith than when you’re moving into a new apartment or office building. The current locks and keys of the property may be wearing out and could become unusable after a couple of weeks. Also, while it may not have crossed your mind, someone else may have the keys to the building and may want to cause some mischief. 

Besides, the apartment may have had security threats and attacks in the past. As such, you need to change the locks and keypad codes of your new home or office to keep your family and property safe from burglars and any other security threats. The services of a professional locksmith are your best assurance of safety in these scenarios. 

3. Getting a Duplicate Key for Your Apartment 

It’s always vital to have a spare key for your home. If you have a roommate, both of you need to have separate keys in case of emergencies. If you have a family, everyone should have their keys, as well.  

Even if you live alone, having a duplicate key hidden somewhere or with someone can save you when you can’t find the main key or you lock yourself out of the house. And, it’s not just for your home alone; you should also have spare keys for your office and car(s). If you don’t have a duplicate key for your living spaces and offices, contact a locksmith and get one now. Please don’t wait for emergencies before you realize how important it is to have a spare key. 

4. Losing Your Keys 

Virtually all of us have lost our keys at one point or the other, and we know the feeling of frustratingly pacing around our front door trying to recall where we kept them. Unfortunately, we barely ever figure where or how we lost our keys. However, we can still hire the services of a locksmith to help us get into our apartments. These expert artisans can also install new locks and security systems and create duplicate keys to ensure we don’t have to go through these kinds of emergencies again. 

5. Setting Up an Electronic Keypad 

Locksmiths aren’t just handy with traditional door locks; they also specialize in installing electronic security systems for offices and homes. If you’d like to get an electronic lock for your apartment doors, professional locksmiths can help you get this done effectively. You could also contact a locksmith if you suspect someone else has figured out your lock system’s security details and your family and property are under threat. Moreover, there are times when you forget the passcodes to your home or office’s security system. With a quick call to your locksmith, you can reset the codes without much hassle. 

6. Damaged Door Locks and Keys 

It’s possible to damage the lock system of your office or home door while trying to get into the building. Sometimes, your key might get stuck in the keyhole, and you might end up breaking it while trying to get it out. Regardless of the scenario, you should put a call through to a locksmith to help you fix the broken lock or get the key out of the keyhole. Don’t try to salvage the situation on your own; you’ll only make it worse since you don’t have the professional expertise to deal with these kinds of things. 

7. Worn Out Keys and Locks 

Everything suffers from wear and tear, including your door locks and keys. If you’ve noticed your keys are bent or suffering from rust, it’s best to get a locksmith to change them as quickly as possible. Or, maybe it’s the lock of your home or office that’s wearing out; replacing them can save you from situations like a break-in. Worn-out locks aren’t exactly the most secure systems for your home or office. Contact a locksmith as soon as possible to keep your family, staff, and property safe. 

8. Protecting Safes and Vaults 

Most people still use safes to protect valuables. If you want to get a vault to safeguard some essential documents or pieces of jewelry, a locksmith is an ideal handyman to help you set up the locks and combinations. Also, if a burglar breaks into your home and raids your vaults, a locksmith is your go-to guy to set up the new passcodes. Furthermore, If you’d like to upgrade your safe’s combinations, you’ll need the services of a professional locksmith. Whatever the scenario, a locksmith is your best bet. 



Door locks are the primary security systems of a home or office. Whether you use traditional locks or modern-day electronic keypads, the number one purpose is to safeguard your property and loved ones. As such, it’s best to keep them in good condition, have duplicate keys, and upgrade the passcodes and combinations regularly. Whatever your needs are, a professional locksmith is the best option for you.