How about more organization and less chaos this year? If you have decided to bring more order to your home from now on, then you are in the right place. Whether you like to clean up or not – we have eight unbeatable tips for you, with which everyone sees successes quickly.

Just a few simple rules help to produce less clutter and make your home look tidier in the long term. And everything cannot and must not be reorganized in one day! Main thing you stay on the ball. Specially when you shift into a new place you are unable to decide how to organize your home at that you should contact home organizing service like LoveYourSpace.


  1. All beginning is … easy

When it comes to organizing your home, you should not be too big at first. Start with small steps and then work you piece by piece through all areas of your home or your home. Small steps mean small successes, and these are important in keeping you on the ball long term.

Start with the area that bothers you the most! That can be the always chaotic dresser in the hall, which you finally clean up. Or maybe it’s the overflowing desk that you cleared out and reorganized. The good feeling of finally bringing order to the most chaotic corner of the house motivates a lot.

  1. Write a checklist

On a checklist, you should consistently list all construction sites in your house that you want to clean up and organize better. Write down what needs to be cleared out and reorganized in every room to bring more order to the house in the long term. If new points are added over time, then put them on the list.

These messy construction sites you can order by priority and possibly also by time and gradually work off. We promise you, it will feel good every time, if you can put another hook. Very important: Do not be afraid of a long list! Everything that is on the checklist, does not constantly disturbing your mind buzz. The disorder at this point that bothers you, you see anyway; Put it on the list as a to-do, that’s the first step to more organization!

Anyone who wants to can work every day to work off at least one point or to clear out one square meter of the apartment per day and to reorganize. Is not the organization of the house alone. Distribute tasks to roommates and family members, as this will help you get closer to your goal of more order and organization.


  1. Free yourself from unnecessary things

Out with the things you do not need anymore! Grab a big garbage bag or crate. Walk through the apartment for half an hour and put in what you no longer need and can either throw away, give away or sell. Be quite consistent, maybe you manage to fill the whole bag or box. It is best to do such a cleansing ritual for home and soul once a month. It really works wonders: You create more space in your four walls and at the same time feel much better when you separate yourself from ballast, which always lies around unused.

You can sell, give away or donate any well-preserved and functional decoration items, appliances or furniture that you no longer need.


  1. Reward yourself!

We consciously put the point of reward here in the middle and not just at the end. Rewarded even if small steps are done – so you stay longer in the matter! To reorganize the house or better, after all, is not a thing that is done overnight. When the desk is finished, reward yourself with a coffee break and a good magazine, or whatever else pleases you as a small reward. If you have sorted things out for half an hour and then put them up for sale on the internet, then reward yourself for that! If the first room is completely reorganized, treat yourself to a sauna or spa visit, or another activity that will make you feel relaxed or fun.


  1. A box for things of emotional value

We do not like to part with items that have an emotional value for us. If you have letters, good luck charms, favorite childhood toys and the like you’re hanging on, put these things in a nice box. A few pieces as a decoration for the apartment give your home of course, a personal touch, but everything that accumulates in the course of life does not necessarily have to lie around visible. If you buy a beautiful box or make it yourself, nothing is lost on the one hand that you really depend on, on the other hand, it’s not in the way.