Cast Assist™: “A Virtual Assistant for all your Casting needs.”

800Casting as a company has earned recognition for its ingenuity and for bringing innovative software to the entertainment industry. It provides the perfect platform for artists to showcase their talents and be discovered whether they are represented by an agent or not. Understanding the vitality of all talented people having an online presence and platform to represent themselves, the company makes sure that your talent is showcased to the world and discovered by people who seek it. But this time around, the company has upped its game with the launch of Cast Assist™. It helps the industry professionals screen and select the right talent for their projects.

The software has made the process of casting talent for a project and the whole hassle related to it much easier. It can be conveniently used by movie directors, producers, casting directors, photographers, acting agencies, advertising agencies, modeling agencies and production companies etc. to find what and who they are looking for. For people who have been associated with finding the right talent, for example for an acting job or a fresh face for a magazine cover, must know what goes into finding a person who fits the requirements for a specific role in a project. Dozens of talent submissions are received most of which don’t even come close to meeting the requirements and are just unqualified. And so begins the gruesome task of audition and filtering out people. Acting or modeling or any other form of talent is no joke and many people who consider themselves able for the job may not fit the criteria. Often hundreds of submissions are received for a single role, which only serves to complicate the selection process. At the end of which you can get so exhausted and demotivated that you may even be inclined towards selecting someone less qualified just so you could be done with the whole procedure.

While responding to a series of questions asked by a team of journalists, Donald DiPrima, co-founder of 800Casting said, “Working with Cast Assist™ is a piece of cake, user doesn’t have to learn any software or fill out long forms; users simply have to email their breakdown and details to and a complete package, which movie producers and casting directors can review, will be created for them.”

In another interview with Akash Kava, a software architect behind the creation of the new software Cast Assist™, Akash said, “Cast Assist™ is designed to combat the unqualified submission problem. Our team of trained casting assistants work closely with your production staff to eliminate unqualified submissions, request self-taped remote auditions from those which are qualified and present the qualified talent for your review. You can choose how many auditions you would like to receive, and every rejected audition is stored in a dismissed folder for immediate recall.

If production requirements are defined (i.e. gender ethnicity, age range, height, accent, location, experience etc.) Cast Assist™ filters out unqualified submissions by identifying those talents who claim to fit the parameters, but do not. Again, every rejected audition is stored in a dismissed folder for immediate recall.” He concluded.

The best thing and the one thing about Cast Assist™ by 800Casting which makes it unique and different from other services is the fact that it is a free service. You don’t need to pay thousands of dollars to an agency to showcase your talent to the people who might be interested. Neither do you need to pay hefty fees to talent agencies to find a talent for your project. The software provides the clients’ production staff the opportunity to work closely with the trained casting assistants of 800Casting to eliminate unqualified submissions. Imagine you don’t have to go through the trouble of going through several portfolios for a modelling vacancy rather review a select few based on their work and experience that is relevant to the position. The other thing which distinguishes Cast Assist™ from other software is, the clients can choose the number of submissions or self-taped auditions that they would like to review and choose the final person from. No more overload of audition tapes and hours wasted on the selection process.

The crux of the matter is that the casting assistants do the complicated stuff for the client. Based on the clients’ requirements the casting assistants screen, document and get artists ready for the movie producers and casting directors. This process simply removes the bottleneck of getting the right artist and saves the producers a great deal of time. The amount of time that was earlier wasted on reviewing audition tapes can now be spent on something that actually contributes to making the project better.

It has long been established that 800Casting is an excellent one-stop trusted hub that receives and manages audition notices and submissions on behalf of its clients. The 800Casting network of interfacing software features a state-of-the-art venue, which is available to be used by actors, talent agencies, film-makers, directors, casting directors, photographers and other industry professionals to help them streamline their work process. No matter where you are in the world or whether you have an agent or not, you can get yourself registered and be connected to a talent pool which is not limited by hurdles.

You can download the FREE 800 Client software and get an access to tens of thousands of Union, Non-Union, real people, musicians, actors and singers etc.

To register with 800Casting and to make use of the Cast Assist™ feature or any of the other talent-related services that we offer, prospective users can log on to: and create a unique username, set a password and all will be free of any charges.

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