9 Apps to Equip Yourself Before the Next Semester

The learning process in the modern world isn’t the same as it was a few decades ago. Nowadays, students don’t need to carry heavy textbooks in their backpacks – weightless and smart utilities are replacing them. We also don’t have to take handwritten notes – smart helpers can do it for us. Webinairs created on the best webinar platforms also replace normal seminars.

Of course, there are loads of apps and sites which make our life easier. They have various functions and advantages. In case you don’t know which apps will surely be handy for you – don’t worry. We’ve decided to choose the most useful apps for studying and here are 9 of them! 



If you are a great fan of planning and organizing – Timetable is for you. It allows you to schedule your classes in a very simple way – the app has a format of a diary. Here you can record detailed information about your subjects, teachers as well as types of classes (lectures, seminars, etc) and their duration. Don’t forget to add your homework to the timetable.

Another advantage of the app is that it reminds you of upcoming classes in advance and switches your phone to silent mode during them. In addition to the functions mentioned above, with Timetable you can easily synchronize your data between various devices. 

However, even those students who are good at planning can’t find enough time for all their college tasks. If the deadlines are approaching, and you can’t manage it all, it’s better to turn to professional assistance. Thanks to essay writing reviews, you can choose a service that suits you best. Experienced writers will be glad to help you with paper writers, paying attention to all your requirements and instructions. 


If you’ve got math classes on your curriculum, then installing Photomath can be a good idea. This app will quickly solve your math equations like it’s a piece of cake. Photomath is able to solve math problems using your smartphone camera and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology.

Using this app is very simple: just point the camera at a math problem, and it will immediately give you an answer and a detailed step-by-step solution. Photomath recognizes not only printed but also handwritten text. Besides, the app can draw graphs and solve linear and trigonometric equations. It can also give you a hand with modules, fractions, integrals and factorials.


Basically, Brainly is an impressive knowledge base, covering a wide range of areas: from sciences and liberal arts to linguistics. Here you can find a detailed answer to almost any question. In case you can’t find the right information, you can always turn to members of the community for help.

Users of this app exchange knowledge, answering each other’s questions. In fact, it’s a peer-to-peer learning platform where students learn from students. So, if you are good at something, help those who need it.


Microsoft OneNote

No doubt, making notes and organizing information helps us to stay focused. Thanks to OneNote you can do that while keeping track of your lessons and homework. Besides, using this app you can:

  • write by hand, draw diagrams and make sketches;
  • save audio and video materials as well as record your lectures;
  • share your study materials with classmates and work together on projects. 

Thanks to the OCR technology and integration with the Microsoft Translator service, the app recognizes handwritten and printed texts and translates them into other languages. Other functions include synchronizing user data between various devices and password protection of your notebooks.


ABBYY FineScanner AI

This app was designed for scanning and recognizing handwritten or printed texts, pages, manuals and so on. With ABBYY FineScanner, you can turn them into PDF or JPG files. The app is irreplaceable when you need digitized copies of your notes and other educational materials.

The program has built-in OCR technology, which recognizes texts in 193 languages ​​and unloads the files in 12 popular formats, including DOCX, PPTX, PDF, etc. Finished documents can be printed, sent by email, or transferred to cloud storage and other devices.



SpeehTexter works like a tape recorder that immediately converts speech into text. It’s incredibly handy for recording lectures and then taking notes of them.

The program is based on the time-tested Cloud Speech API technology used in Google Assistant. It supports more than 60 languages. If necessary, SpeechTexter works without the internet connection, but you need to download the required language pack for the offline mode.



No doubt, smartphones and apps make our life easy and fun, but at the same time they constantly distract us. Messages from friends, Facebook notifications, reminders telling us it’s time to drink water or exercise – all of them don’t let us focus at all. 

That is why AppBlock is so life-saving – it blocks distracting applications so that you can’t enter them at the time you set. During the hours you set for exam preparation or paper writing, you won’t receive the notifications from apps you’ve chosen. Being isolated from social media will help you work more productively.



Cousera is a popular educational platform that is famous for cooperating with the world’s leading universities. The app allows you to take free or paid-for courses on various topics: information technology, social sciences, law, economics, etc. 

You can also pass official exams of such vendor companies like Google, SAS, IBM and many others, confirming your knowledge with an international certificate. The duration of each course ranges from 4 weeks or more. So, thanks to Coursera you can «attend» lectures that are given in over a hundred of the best educational institutions.


Clockwork Tomato

Clockwork Tomato is a simple and effective timer based on the famous Pomodoro technique. According to this method, periods of intense work are followed by short breaks. Traditionally, this ratio is 25 minutes of activity and 5 minutes of relaxation, but the app allows you to set the time intervals yourself.  

On the one hand, working with a timer motivates you to work with no distractions. On the other hand, it reminds students who are keen on studying about the need to take a break. The tomato technique helps your brain to reboot and rest. This way, you will definitely avoid burn out. 


Final Thoughts

Being a student is not that easy since the number of tasks grows with each semester. It seems that in the 21st century there is more knowledge to learn, but less time to do that. In such circumstances, proper planning becomes essential. 

Time management, making notes, taking new courses, helping other learners with their studies – all these things become simple thanks to handy apps. Using them, you can work more effectively and achieve better results.