San Francisco is one of the most beautiful cities in the United States, combining striking nature with a cosmopolitan metropolis that you can’t find in any other place in the country. It is defined by world class landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge and cable cars, its thriving arts scene, and it’s status as the epicenter of the global technology industry. There is so much to see and experience, but making the most of your time and exploring the city authentically like a local can seem daunting, especially with all the hills. While a lot of travelers opt for tour buses or walking tours, they miss out on the opportunity to get an expansive and up close feel for the city.

The Best Way To Explore the City

While the options that exist, there really is no better, easier, or more fun way to authentically explore San Francisco than to hop on an electric bike. That’s why we highly recommend taking a look at Dandyhorse San Francisco Bike Tours to experience the city like never before. They offer the highest quality experiences in SF, led by expert local guides on custom-built bikes, allowing you to re-imagine the city and it’s infamous hills on an accessible electric bike tour. What you get is an unforgettable adventure filled with love, passion, and excitement.


The top 8 reasons why you should explore San Francisco on electric bikes:

  1. Easier To Pedal

One of the main reasons why electric bikes are the best way to explore San Francisco is because they are much easier to pedal than traditional bikes. Electric bikes are battery-powered and they assist you with pedaling. The small, silent motor of the electric bike gives you a boost when you push the pedals using the pedal assist, making them intuitive and easy to ride. Thus, zipping up the various San Francisco hills, previously accessible to only the most hard-core cyclist, is effortless with a quality electric bike. You can now cruise over tough terrain without having to break a sweat. Moreover, when you use electric bikes there are various levels of assist, so you get to dial in just how much power you want the motor to give you. This allows you to get as much or as little exercise as you want.

  1. Are Fast & Allow You To Cover More Ground

Since San Francisco has a lot to explore and you want to make the most of your time here, you want the freedom to  cover a lot of ground fast. This is why an electric bike is just what you need. It is much faster than your traditional bike. With pedal assist the harder your pedal, the faster you ride and the more ground they will cover. With an electric bike, you get the benefit of being able to travel farther without getting tired. But, you do not have to worry about speeding past the speed limit because once you hit that 20 miles per hour (32 k/hr), the motor stops assistening assuring you a safe top speed. Essentially, when you travel on an electric bike, you will save plenty of time, get to stop whenever you want, and get to enjoy the beautiful scenery (including all of the spectacular hilltop vistas) at your own pace.

  1. You Will Get To Explore A Lot More

When you use an electric bike to explore San Francisco, you will get to ride more comfortably for a lot longer than you’d otherwise be able to. If you have been wanting to ride a bike more often, then, all you need is an electric bike. Even if you’re feeling a bit jet-lagged or the weather is not as friendly as you’d like, the electric bike will remove the obstacles, mental or physical to get riding. In fact, according to a study published recently in a popular medical journal, eBike owners actually get just as much exercise as regular bike owners because they ride so much longer and farther.  That’s because riding an electric bike is never a chore. You get to take in your surroundings for a fraction of the effort. Moreover, since you can travel faster and father, going on longer trips and exploring different parts of the city is almost effortless. In short, electric bikes open a whole new world of possibility for you.

  1. Electric Bikes For Everyone

When it comes to electric bikes, they are suitable types for just about everyone and everything. Whether your goal is to haul cargo, a bunch of kids, or explore on and off road up the steepest hills, there is an electric bike that can do it. For example, if a fancy electric road bike doesn’t offer enough utility, then you might prefer the high-capacity electric cargo bike which can easily haul up to 400 pounds of weight while still providing you with a speed of 15 mph. It could not get better than this.

Electric bikes are available in performance, full-suspension mountain, hard-tail, recreational, commuter, cargo, and fat road bike styles. Dandyhorse for example, custom builds their electric bikes to be the ultimate in comfort, utility, and safety to match the unique riding conditions of San Francisco. In short, there is an electric bike for every type of cyclist out there.

  1. An Excellent Alternative to Driving

More and more people are opting for electric bikes to reduce the number of car trips they take.  Many electric bike users even replace driving a car. The reason is that electric bikes are oftentimes a more convenient, pleasant, and ultimately healthier way to get around. With an electric bike, you can carry your kids and cargo while avoiding the heavy traffic and parking hassles. Especially when you visit a place like San Francisco, the traffic can take up a lot of your time and you might be tempted to stay in rather than to explore the city. The electric bikes give you the freedom to explore without having the stress of being in a car. You actually get to experience your surroundings, smell the fresh air, and be a part of an active cycling community. In short, with an electric bike, you get to easily explore anywhere in San Francisco and beyond without having to drive or book an expensive Uber.

  1. Environmental Friendly and Efficient

It’s obvious, but driving is not good for the environment. This includes tour buses and vans. Electric bikes are an environmental friendly alternative that come with a host of other benefits, including being more fun and getting more exercise. The best electric bikes, like the ones Dandyhorse uses for their tours, can go over 60 miles (96km) on a single $0.10 charge and the batteries can last over 500 charge cycles before being recycled.  If you care about the environment, then, there is no better way to show your concern than by using an electric bike. It will also do a small part in helping keep the air in San Francisco clean.

  1. A Great Way to Get a Little More Exercise

Although electric bikes do some of the work, it is still great exercise, as we’ve noted. Riding an electric bike is perfect for people who are looking to get active and outside. Biking has numerous benefits, including cardiovascular exercise and improving your blood sugar. Most people feel that they are not fit to ride a bike long enough to reap any health benefits. However, when they get on an electric bike, they are able to ride more, build strength and get all of the benefits of riding a regular bike. Even if you are perfectly fit, it is still a good idea to use an electric bike to burn some calories. On average you’ll burn at least 200

  1. Saves You Money and Provides Great Value

San Francisco is an extremely expensive city and transportation costs can add up, especially if you are relying on a car to get around. However, when you use an electric bike, you get to explore this fabulous city for a lot less, without ever having to look for parking. The depth of the experience that you get on an electric bike or better yet, an awesome electric bike tour from Dandyhorse, exceeds expectations, allows you to explore so many more authentic spots and views, and ultimately make a great value for travelers to San Francisco.