If you’re thinking of moving to Melbourne, congratulations! Melbourne is a beautiful city with many lesser-known gems to enjoy. And in addition to moving to the magical city of Melbourne, the act of moving itself comes with questions, and you want answers and advice before the commitment. Listed are things to note and enjoy about this amazing and unique city.


1. Location

First things first, you should know exactly where you’re going if you’re planning to move to Melbourne. Melbourne is in the Southeastern part of Australia. It’s the capital of the state of Victoria. Lucky for you, it’s set on the coast. A plus to this is that you can admire the waters that envelop the outskirts.

2. Entertainment


The city is extraordinary for all things entertainment. First up, is the East End Theatre District. It’s one of the best places in Melbourne to visit if you want to see a musical. Adding to the list are several museums and art exhibits. If art is your thing, you’ll love the Art Center. And while you are exploring your new city, you might as well stop in at the Melbourne Museum to learn a little something new.

3. Weather


Be prepared. There a common joke that circulates Melbourne that it experiences “four seasons in one day.” The seasons can are broken down into something like this, fall is cool and windy. Winter is frigid and windy with variable snowfall in certain areas.

Spring is the one superbly unpredictable season. One minute it’s pouring rain and windy, the next it’s cold and temperate. Summers include dry heat which is great if you’re lounging by some water. No matter when you’re headed for your move, remember to prepare for the variety of weather you might face. That might mean rain boots, a sunhat, or a winter coat. The biggest takeaway, bring all you can!

4. Renting


Renting is considered competitive in Melbourne. The rate of rent is dependent on how close you are to the central city area. The locals call this the CBD, or Central Business District. If you want an apartment in the hub of the CBD you will pay more than living a way out just like any living area across the country. Renting is a great option if you’re unsure of possible relocation. It allows you the flexibility to change location within Melbourne as well, so you can explore different sides of the city.

5. Buying


If you’re planning on buying a home, those for sale are usually located in the suburbs of the main city. Buying a home in Melbourne is a valuable decision if you want to put down permanent roots. Where to search depends on if you want to live in the inner city suburbs or outer suburbs. Once again, the question arises if you prefer to be closer to the hustle and bustle, or if you want to head there on your own time? When you’re able to come to terms with an answer, you can start looking for a home.

6. Public Transportation


If you weren’t planning on bringing a vehicle with you, you’re in luck. Melbourne has great, widely used transportation services like the tram. To use public transportation you need to purchase a Myki card. Other than trams, there are also buses and victorian railways that run many routes. It’s a reliable and affordable option to get around to all of the places that you are ready to explore.

7. Outdoors


Melbourne is a great fit for those who love to spend time outdoors. It’s home to many luscious gardens like the Royal Botanic Garden and Fitzroy Garden. If greenery isn’t your thing and you love animals, visit the Melbourne Zoo. Last but not least on the list is the Great Ocean Road. Here you’ll find small beaches and a scenic drive.

8. Renewable Energy


One thing to be aware of is that electricity costs are high in Melbourne. Their prices are some of the highest in the world. In the past ten years, there have been changes made with local government and Victorian government which allows you to choose who provides your electricity in Melbourne. You can compare Melbourne energy plans with iSelect.

Since there are different providers compete to get your service to use their services, you’ll need a way to sort through your choices. You can search “electricity Melbourne” to get results for the varied companies who provide service. From here, you can explore renewable energy versus brown coal sources, distribution companies, the process of electricity generation, and eventually choose the best Melbourne electric supply company for you.

9. Food and Dining


Saving the best for last, the food and dining experience here is unlike any other! Melbourne is well-known for serving delicious coffee. They boast diverse, high-quality coffee with loads of shops to try out. On top of their spectacular coffee game, they have endless options for food, wine, and eclectic cuisine.