The tourism industry has experienced significant growth worldwide in recent years. With liberalization of visa regimes in various countries such as Pakistan and the availability of different price range accommodations, traveling domestically and internationally is easier than ever before. Whether you want to climb the Himalayas or spend some time at the beach in Bali, the only thing stopping you from getting on an airplane is the price of a flight ticket. However, it is possible to travel cheap if you know how to do it. There is a reason why more and more people are traveling these days and that reason is the fact that getting a cheaper flight is not as hard as one might think. By putting in some effort, you can find a much cheaper flight ticket. Research is everything and this post is based on experience traveling the world on affordable flights. So, what are you waiting for? Learn from the top 9 tips to get cheaper flights.

  1. Book At the Right Time

Time is of the essence. An experienced traveler knows the importance of time and knows the right time to book a flight ticket. Finding cheap flights is not hard if you know when to book a flight. Traveling during peak season can be a mistake if not planned in advanced. If you want a cheap deal, then you need to book the tickets at least a month or two in advance. Generally, the closer you are to the departure date, the higher the price you would need to pay for the flight ticket. During the last two weeks before the flight the price of the ticket increases considerably. Therefore, make sure to book before the last two weeks. However, if you make the booking at the last minute, you can also expect to get a great deal. This is due to the fact that airlines try to fill the plane at the very last minute.

  1. Flexibility Is Key

If you want the cheapest flight, then you are going to need to be flexible when it comes to the travel destination and dates. It is a great way to get the best deal and also one of the most effective. In order to get a good price, you have to move the travel dates and destination by a couple of days back and forth to find out the cheapest flight. Sometimes, you will find a cheap flight when you travel late at night or early in the morning. Inconvenience could offer you better deals.

  1. Try Flight Search Engines

Use an online flight search engine to quickly find the cheapest flight out there. These websites are perfect for searching for cheap tickets as they scan various airlines to offer you the best prices. Some of the tools offered by these search engines include alerts by email, price prediction, and more. An online travel software is used by the search engines to browse a huge database of reservation systems which allows users to compare different flight rates to check the flight prices easily. Make sure to check out multiple flight search engines to get the best deal.

  1. Fly On The Cheapest Day

The truth is that not all days offer the same price. If you are planning on flying domestic or even international, you should keep in mind that the cheapest days to fly according to a study conducted by are Saturday, Wednesday, and Tuesday. One the other hand, Sunday and Friday are considered to be most expensive days for traveling.

Although it is difficult to rank one day as the cheapest as there are always different deals, it is important to first check the ticket price on Saturday, Wednesday, and Tuesday. Moreover, check these days for an entire month in advance to get the cheapest flight.

  1. Stay Updated On Social Media

Social media is your best friend when it comes to finding cheaper flights. Follow different airlines on social media to stay updated about the latest promotional deals and last minute flights. Besides, you can always subscribe to different airlines to stay notified about special air discounts and flash sales.

  1. Check Budget/ Low Cost Airlines

Low cost and budget airlines such as Air Asia and Ryan Air offer some of the cheapest flight tickets out there unlike major airlines. However, keep in mind that you will have to give up some of the comforts offered by major airlines in order to take advantage of cheaper prices. Budget airlines are your best bet if you want the cheapest deal.

  1. Opt For Non-Refundable Tickets

If you are certain about traveling on a certain day, then you should take advantage of it by opting for a non-refundable ticket. Since non-refundable tickets tend to be a lot cheaper than refundable tickets, you can save a ton of money by getting non-refundable tickets. Moreover, booking for round-trip tickets is always a good idea as it helps you find a cheaper ticket.

  1. Clear Cookies

Cookies can be a nightmare when it comes to finding the cheapest flight. Since flight prices are based on the cookies of your browser, you will find increased flight prices if you repeatedly search for the same route. Cookies store information about your internet history such as when you use travel search engines for finding the ticket price. Hence, in order to avoid this, clear your cookies or search incognito. It will help ensure that you get the cheapest price.

  1. Sign Up For A Frequent Flyer Program

When you sign up for a frequent flyer program, you can avail many discounts. It is a loyalty program offered by a particular airline. Each airline offers a unique flyer program. Sign up for different programs to know which airline offers the best discounts. Every time you fly to a destination, you will earn points. Based on the points that you earn, you can redeem them for flight tickets and more. Some programs are even connected to credit cards and will allow you to earn credit card points.