Boards and pavement signs have been around for a long time. They are considered to be one of the oldest methods of advertising or outdoor advertising. There is no easier or more effective way to make your business known outdoors. Outdoor signage helps increase the footfall of your business. It has been tried and tested to attract prospective customers to visit your business. Businesses around the world, especially in the UK understand the importance of outdoor advertising and that is why they place Pavement signs to promote their business to boost sales and increase profits.

Furthermore, pavement signs are great for running special offers. They help keep the business relevant throughout the year. Hence, it is vital to choose a company that has experience creating boards and pavement signs for outdoor advertising such as Indigo Displays. They offer the highest-quality display solutions to meet the specific needs of your business.

Although we live in a world where we are surrounded by social media marketing or TV adverts, outdoor marketing continues to play a huge role in the world of marketing. Businesses understand the importance of outdoor advertising and spend heavily in this area to ensure that their product or service is promoted.


What Are Pavement Signs?

Sidewalk or pavement signs are well-known for being a cost-effective way of getting a brand noticed. They help promote the business at the point of sale. Pavement signs are also used directional signs at events as they allow prospective customers to find your business easily.


Why Are Boards & Pavement Signs Used?

Freestanding pavement signs and boards offer great flexibility to ensure that your marketing message makes its way across with maximum impact. This is done in a variety of ways on the high street. There are different types of boards and pavement signs which can be used to market a message. They send a permanent or frequently branded message which helps boost sales. A UK based print studio will ensure that the best possible results are provided when it comes to proving you with a pavement sign. There are different types of media as mentioned below.

  • Permanent printed message display area
  • PVC banner
  • Chalkboard
  • Weatherproof and paper poster display


Advantages of Boards and Pavement Signs

There are various advantages of boards and pavement signs

Attract Customers To Enter the Outlet

The main purpose of advertising or marketing, in general, is to attract customers and pavement signs do a great job of attracting customers to enter your outlet. An attractive pavement sign and decent restaurant deco will effectively convince prospective customers to take a seat and try out the food offered at the restaurant. The first step is to attract customers if you want to convert them into revenue. Once you have attracted them to enter your outlet, other features of your business and the product itself will lead to a sale.

Advertise Sales / Special Offers 

Pavement signs help advertise sales or special offers effectively. As prospective customers pass by, they will notice the big red sale sign and will enter the outlet to get a good deal. The first step to marketing is capturing the attention of others and with pavement signs, it can be achieved. Besides, many small businesses do not have the time or the resources to advertise sales and pavement sales are a cost-effective way to do so.


A great thing about boards and pavement signs, in general, is that they are double-sided. It means customers from both sides will be able to take notice of your business. Thus, more customers will be able to take an interest in your business which will eventually lead to sales.


Boards and pavement signs tend to be tamper-proof. This means that no one will be able to tamper or break them. Thus, pavement signs are significantly durable.

Unique Design

You might have already noticed that pavement signs come in various designs. They are unique and just about every business uses a different design. Besides, using the same design or get-up would mean infringement.

Successful for Events & Outdoor Campaigns

Events and outdoor campaigns require outdoor advertising to be successful. This is where boards and pavement signs come into place. They help promote the business outdoors. Pavement signs tend to be bright and attractive which allows them to entice customers to visit your business outlet/ booth.


Ideal Use of Boards & Pavement Signs

Boards and pavement signs have multiple uses. They can be placed in various locations to market the business product or service.

Shop Sign

One of the main uses of boards or pavement signs is as a shop-sign. Businesses across the world, whether small or large, place a shop sign to inform customers that they are located at a certain location. The shop signal lets customers know where the business offers them services. Companies use shop signs to help customers easily identify their outlet.

Outside an Establishment

Pavement signs and boards can be found outside an establishment as a form of outdoor advertising. They are placed outside the establishment to attract customers to visit the business.

On the High-Street

In addition to the above, pavement signs are also placed on the high-street. People tend to notice pavement signs and boards more easily.


Businesses also place pavement signs and boards on the roadside to capture the attention of drivers. People usually notice boards on the roadside as they drive. It is a great way to market your business to potential customers.

Outdoor Trade Show

If your business is participating in an outdoor trade show, then you can place pavement signs at the outdoor trade show to promote your business. Besides, an outdoor trade show, there are other uses of boards and pavement signs, including footpath sign or outside a pub among others.

Types of Outdoor Pavement Signs

When it comes to pavement signage, there is a wide variety of options available. Most of the available signs make use of printed graphics. However, changeable systems may be provided with posters if businesses want to regularly update the message.

Pavement signs are available as traditional, sturdy stands such as with printed posters inside or chalkboards. Swing pavement signs are also used. They have a swinging display area that gives less wind resistance.

The forecourt pavement signs can also be used as they are specially designed to offer wind resistance due to their extra weight. They also provide an extra presence at a vehicle forecourt or garage. You can also choose a flexible pavement sign which is made of a flexible printed panel that is wedged into a solid base.

Increase the exposure of your brand using any of the pavement signs. Promotional flags can also be used along with boards and pavement signs as a cheaper alternative to outdoor advertising. They are available with a striking display. The pavement signs are explained in more detail below.


Types of Board Pavement Signs

Swinging Pavement Signs

Swinging pavement signs offer a modern take on pavement signs. Their design incorporates a suspended printed panel that uses hooks on the top rail. Thus, swing signs are perfect for windy conditions as the panel would move with the wind. Moreover, they can either have pockets to display posters or a permanently printed message.

Frame Pavement Sign

Also known as A Board sign or sandwich board, this portable sign offers you the benefit of being foldable. This means you get to store the sign easily when it is not in use. The posters of the A board frame are placed with the help of magnets or with a snap-shut poster frame. They might even have a chalkboard surface to write personalized messages using chalk or liquid chalk pens. PVC posters are commonly used in A-boards as they are weatherproof.

 Forecourt Pavement Signs

Forecourt pavement signs tend to be bigger and are used outside shopping centers and in garage forecourts. The main distinguishing feature between forecourt pavement signs and other signs is that they have a heavier and larger base that is either made of concrete or is filled with water. They offer different ways of display such as PVC posters or paper.

Flexi Pavement Signs

If your business is located in a windy city such as Chicago, then you are going to need flexible pavement signs as they offer great value and durability. Their simple design has a flexible printed panel and a solid molded base that bends in the wind.


How To Choose The Perfect Pavement Sign

Are you thinking about which pavement sign would suit you best? Then, there are certain things that you will need to take into account as mentioned below.


The first thing that needs to be considered is your budget. In terms of features and durability, you get what you pay for. A cheap pavement sign can be used in a sheltered location. You will need to take it out at night as it would not be tamper-proof. As for exposed locations or high traffic areas, it might be a better idea to spend a little more and get a durable and more stable pavement sign.

 The Location

The next thing you need to consider is the location of your business and where you want to place the sign. Certain things will need to be taken into account with regards to the location.

  • High traffic areas: There should plenty of space available to promote the business but the pavement sign should not obstruct pedestrians. Choose a style and size which is appropriate for the location.
  • Wind and weather: If your business is located in a windy location, then you will need to invest in a pavement sign that is extremely durable and designed to withstand the wind. Normally, it should have a panel that moves with the wind and a weighted base.
  • Look and feel: It is important to consider the look and feel of the A board or the pavement sign. For instance, if you are running a restaurant, pub or cafe, then you can opt for a chalkboard design, while a more modern Flexi panel pavement sign might be more suitable for a mobile phone shop.

Marketing Strategy

Finally, you need to consider the marketing strategy. What are your marketing strategies and the overall goal? By understanding the marketing strategy, you can choose a pavement sign that suits the needs of your business. Is the marketing strategy aimed at capturing the attention of customers or is the goal to get customers to act a certain way such as to remember a certain date?

The Customer

Besides the above considerations, you need to understand your customers to choose the most appropriate pavement sign. After you have an understanding of your customer that includes the demographics which visit your business, you will be better able to choose a pavement sign that they find attractive. Are your customers’ working-class individuals or students? When you understand your customers, you will know how to market your product or service to them.

Hire a Professional A-Boards & Pavement Signs Company

Price should not be the only thing you consider when selecting a company to build the pavement sign for you. It is vital to hire a professional A-boards and pavement signs maker to help create a pavement sign for your company. When you hire a professional maker, you can rest assured that the best person will design the pavement sign for you.


A-boards and pavement signs are designed for outdoor use. They last longer if they are placed indoors at night. Common sense will go a long way, especially in windy conditions. Pavement signs will help ensure that your outdoor advertising is successful. They are extremely useful in making the business marketing efforts a success. Invest in a high-quality pavement sign as it will last a long time and attract customers. Despite the internet changing the way companies market their products or services, outdoor advertising continues to play a huge role.