These days, mobile phones and tablets have turned into portable video players for most people. However, there still exist some people who are still stick to their DVD collections which means they would like a device like a portable DVD player. These people are usually frequent flyers, or like travelling a lot and would like a source of entertainment that they can always rely on. For these people, we have come up with a guide that will help them choose the perfect portable DVD as a travel companion.


What kind of DVD player are you looking for?

The main purpose of the portable DVD player is that it should be handy and portable. Which means the ideal size should be smaller than a laptop but bigger than a phone. You should look for something that you can put on your lap throughout your journey, and you can find many portable DVD players like that on This will be perfectfor all your airplane journeys, and you can take as many DVDs as you want so that you don’t get bored.

If you road trip frequently, you can consider getting a portable DVD player with two screens that can be fir in the headrest of the front seats, so your kids will be occupied for the whole journey. If you choose to do this, make sure the device is mounted properly in the headrests so they come flying off.


How portable should it be?

The answer to this question depends entirely on how you will be using it. If you just want something for the sake of your private entertainment at home, you can choose a slightly bulkier one that will have a bigger screen, but you will still be able to carry it around the house.

However, for a frequent flyer we recommend a much smaller one so that you can easily fit it in your bags and it wont be a hassle taking it out during security checks.


What formats should the files be in?

The beauty of a portable DVD player is that almost all types of video formats are compatible with it. If you are not so good with downloading movies from the internet, you can simply get disks that you can insert in the DVD and watch away. But if you prefer downloading movies from the internet you can, you should look for AVI files that work all the time.


How long will it last?

Any portable device comes with a limited battery life and so does the portable DVD player. When shopping for one, you should look for one that will at least last you 5-6 hours, that should be ideal for long flights or journeys. But if you will only be using the device at home, then anything should be fine because you can always plug it in as soon as the battery starts draining. We say this because, the price attached to the DVD player will be higher if the battery lasts longer, so you can save some money if you don’t mind charging your DVD player frequently.


Can I connect it to the TV?

Don’t have the misconception that the portable DVD player is only good for your travel journeys. If you are tired of the small screen, and you want tow watch something with your family and friends on the big television screen, then you can easily do so. In this case, your portable DVD player will act as a standard DVD that you connect to the TV with audio and video cables, or with the HDMI port. If your portable DVD player is of really good quality, it might even have surround sound options.


What else can they offer?

With technological advances everyday, extra features are always added in order to better the experience for the viewer. Some players have flexible screens, where by you can move them in any direction you want such as turn them into a tablet. You might get access to YouTube if your portable device has Wi-Fi. You will be able to find almost anything extra you want, but it all depends on how much you are willing to spend.