For people who are big fans of summer, playing in the pool might be the only thing they wait all year round! But not every time people want to dive in to the water and have a swim. The pool itself has positive energy and vibes, and there are times when you just want to soak in the sun and the relaxing aura of the pool. For this purpose, you can use pool floats and pool loungers to relax by yourself or with your friends with a nice cocktail.

Now, swimming pool loungers are great for people who want to get that summer tan going and still remain cool by occasionally dipping their hands and feet in the cool water. Because of the relaxation that pool loungers and pool floats provide you, you are bound to become addicted to using these in summer time soon enough.


Factors to Keep in Mind While Buying Pool Floats and Loungers

You might be confused about buying pool floats or loungers considering that most swimming pools offer poolside or deck furniture where you can soak the sun and relax. But this option keeps you out of reach from the water. Relaxing in the water is not the same as the poolside, as you can occasionally cool off from dipping your feet or hands into the water and refresh yourself. The patio umbrellas usually block sunlight for you, and this is where pool loungers win the game.

When you have established the fact that pool floats and loungers are indeed a fun and relaxing way to refresh yourself, finding the best pool floats can be a hectic task. You have to find floats of best quality that are strong as well as durable. Following are some factors that can help you in picking the best pool floats and loungers for your pool adventures.


Size of the Pool Floats and Loungers

Pool floats and loungers are available in diverse sizes. You have to consider your own weight and height to pick out the best pool floats and loungers for you. Investing on the wrong size can lead to a waste of money since you cannot use it properly. The pool floats and loungers should not be too big or too small for your size so that it easily holds you up from the water and doesn’t swallow you into itself.


Quality Materials Used for the Loungers and Floats

As this swimming pool contractor says, pool floats are made out of specific materials, although there are some differences. Keep in mind to pick out the durable and strong materials so that they don’t tear on the first use. The most common materials used for the pool floats and loungers are plastic, vinyl and foam. Plastic and vinyl are used specifically for inflatable designs whereas foam is used for non-inflatable designs. Buying a good quality and good material pool float will not only provide you comfort and durability, but also protect you from buying a new one just after days. Exposure to water, sunlight and air can affect the pool floats and loungers which is why they should be durable to resist the pool chemicals and sunlight damage.


A Stylish yet Comfortable Edge

Pool floats and loungers come in a variety of great styles. You can choose from oval or circular ones, rectangular shaped floats, and even other fancy shapes for instance a duck, cartoon, a pizza slice etc. So, if you are not into plain and regular designs, you can choose something funky for yourself and stay in style!

The best part about the pool loungers and floats are that these are available in diverse designs and bright colours to bring that summer vibe and give you style while you are on your pool adventure. However, the designs might differ in terms of the type of float you are choosing. Inflatable designs are more stylish and diverse because they are to be blown up, but inflatable foam floats designs are usually simpler. So, if you want to go for the fancy ones, choose inflatable loungers and pool floats.


Non-Inflatable Foam Pool Floats

The Non-inflatable foam pool floats are durable, luxurious, and are incredibly comfortable to use. The foam inside the pool floats and loungers make them extremely comfortable for usage and the best part is, that even if they are punctured, they do not sink into the water. The foam floats easily withstand any weather damage’ and good news for the adults; that they are extremely easy to clean, dry and store off-season! There are different types of foam floats available in the market, for instance the resort pool float, which is a cushion-y foam that makes it extremely soft and relaxing while you soak the sun.

Another good choice is a floating pool chaise. These kind of floats have adjustable backs that can be fixed at your desired angle so you can just lay, read, drink, or drift. There are also the floats available with armrests which are excellent for people who want a little added luxury and a drink holder to hold your cups or cocktails.


Inflatable Pool Floats and Loungers

Inflatable pool floats and loungers are the best for people who want to enjoy the pool with style. Inflatable pool floats and loungers are usually colourful and come in fun shapes because they are made with durable PVC and have to be blown up. These type of floats last for multiple summer seasons, so you can store them for next year as well. From tubes to cars, animals, and food items, there are a variety of options to suit everyone’s taste and style. This is the reason why we see a lot of inflatable pool floats as compared to the foam ones. The most popular inflatable designs include the loungers which are ideal for relaxing, as they come with cupholders and armrests. Other than these, the daybeds are quite popular among all the pool lovers who want to relax and refresh themselves.