When you’re right on the cusp of landing your dream job, keep in mind that you’ll have to pass a drug test.

The last thing you would want is to get denied the job of a lifetime because of a dirty test. With this in mind, it’s important that you learn as much as you can about pre-employment drug testing.

Read below to learn what to expect.

1. Understand What Drugs Companies Test for and Why

Knowing what employers are looking for during a drug test is the first step.

You can expect most companies to test for cannabis, amphetamines, opiates, cocaine, and PCP. When you know what they’re testing for, you will have a better idea of how to pass it with flying colors.

2. Figure out If You Have to Take a Urine, Blood or Hair Test

There are different methods for administering a drug test. When possible, find out what kind of test you’ll have to take.

Most companies administer urine, blood or hair tests. Each type of test comes with different windows of detection for the substances that they’re looking for.

For instance, cannabis stays in your system for about a month for a urine test, and upwards of 3 months if the employer collects a hair sample. Cocaine stays in your urine for about 3 days and can stay in your hair for years.

When you know how you’re tested, it’ll inform your likelihood of passing it.

3. Learn When You Have to Take the Test

When you have to undergo pre-employment screening, your job will usually let you know of a testing date or will have you set up an appointment within a specific timeframe.

Knowing when you have to take the test will also put the detection window in perspective. Your job will usually have you report to a lab within your area for testing.

4. Determine Some Strategies for Passing the Drug Test

Now that you have info about the drug testing windows, dates and what they’re testing for, you can start putting together strategies that will help you pass.

The best thing you can do is push the test back as long as possible. It’ll give you more time to get anything out of your system. Drink lots of water and take a trip to the sauna so that you can break a substantial sweat and cleanse your system.

There are also plenty of products on the market you can look into that will aid you in passing with flying colors.

5. Find out the Turnaround Time for the Results and Understand How a Failed Test Affects You

Finally, make sure that you understand both the turnaround time of the results and how it will affect you.

In some situations, you’ll simply be informed that you won’t get the job. In other situations, you could face certain penalties. By understanding what you’re facing you’ll be in a position to act accordingly.

Learn All You Can About Pre-Employment Drug Testing

Pre-employment drug testing is usually the last hurdle to pass before you get hired. Let these tips guide you so that you can pass your upcoming drug test without a problem.

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