Every now and then almost all of us think about doing something extreme. Well, let’s define extreme or at least what we actually mean by this word. In the majority of occasions we refer to something that could blow up our budget in no time or something that forces you to face a series of great fears. Here we are going to discuss the issue of venturing and purchasing or at least renting a mansion for a few nights.

Why are they even considered an extremity? Well, to tell you the truth I honestly don’t know. To my mind though, it is all about being scared to dare. We are of the opinion that the others will start viewing us as spoilt kids who just want to have fun and live like a star. But what’s the problem with it? Don’t we deserve it after all? Don’t we work pretty long hours already? So, if you are about to do something odd, do yourself a favor and buy or hire a manor. Be careful about its location and unique qualities though. Opt for the one that suits your taste.



Sea has always been a great attraction not only for children, but also for young or senior adults. You certainly don’t have to worry about the reasons-they are more or less widely known. But is crystal-clear deep blue water your cup of tea? If that’s the case, then you should consider checking out such a place. Apart from the sea, you must also make sure there is a swimming pool available as the wind may be too harsh to swim. Furthermore, a quality villa is also characterized by a series of standard and extra services and of course really kind and helpful staff. All in all, elegant Mykonos Villas by Clubzak have everything you need and can satisfy even the more demanding clients. For instance, Paraga Estate 1 and 2 should be more than enough for all of you. Make a wise choice!

manor in the mountains


Unless you adore water and you don’t like swimming or sunbathing, then you should consider booking a hilly mansion so as to enjoy yourself at maximum. Chic Mykonos Villas by Clubzak are there for you once more. Their variety in terms of style, space, rating and architecture is just what makes everyone become spoilt for choice. Well, that’s a pleasant headache, isn’t it? Rocky Mansion, for a start, is found on the top of a hill and it offers its guests unhindered views to the Aegean Sea. It is really bright and rumor has it that it is one of the most preferred villas in the Mediterranean Sea. How about vising it this fall? Let me give you a tip: I would suggest booking it for a few nights and then consider purchasing it! I will not be the one to blame if you fall in love with it. I just made a suggestion…