The TGC company was created in order to offer support and help for multinational organizations. It makes it easy for them to maintain as well as track subsidiary compliance without any hassle. The company delivers professional solutions created specifically to deal with any subsidiary maintenance challenges. In addition, it makes corporate governance as well as global compliance easier to handle and manage.

What services are provided by TGC?

TGC comes with a fixed fee pricing approach and a singular point of contact. What it does is it makes it easy for all multinational companies to handle subsidiary compliance at their own pace. The focus is on corporate compliance, boosting the compliance structures available internally and making the entity life cycle management faster and better than it ever was. It does that while also offering complete control to customers of compliance activities. In addition, customers can also check the current status, they can monitor pricing and costs, not to mention they can easily see and handle all the current events. The subsidiary compliance process is simpler, and thus clients get to focus on strategies rather than worrying about compliance problems.

How can TGC make this process better and more efficient?

TGC does a very good job when it comes to coordinating everything related to compliance. You will receive the first compliance document draft from TGC, and these need to be validated by the local counsel. There’s no need for the exhausting drafting exercise, and you get to save on billable hours too.

Is TGC able to coordinate the account approval with audit providers?

TGC has a professional approach when it comes to financial approvals. All the local requirements and the necessary statutory deadlines are placed in the database and clients can access all that info whenever they want. Moreover, TGC offers all the necessary information to stakeholders beforehand, and this helps make the statutory requirements more visible at this particular time. The company also does a good job at working with clients when it comes to tracking delivery times, progress as well as filing extensions or signing specific documents.

How does TGC prices work?

The TGC pricing is designed to focus on flexibility. You have a fixed fee that you pay on an annual basis for the baseline compliance. You won’t have to worry about things like powers of attorney, director changes or anything like that. Included in the TGC pricing structure you will tech platform fees. If you have subsidiaries, then the TGC pricing approach is extremely efficient and it helps you avoid spending more than ever before.

What else can you use TGC services for?

You can use the TGC service for a variety of situations, such as acquisitions, mergers, dissolutions, entity formation, increasing or decreasing capital and so on. The company also offers database consulting, governance and expense analytics and so on. You can also access custom configurations and other select features. Thanks to TGC, entity management becomes a walk in the park.