A Statistics of Online and Mobile Casinos in the UK

Do you have any idea of the number of people in the UK who are actually into gambling? Of course, the numbers will be very high, considering that every individual buys a lottery ticket at one point in life. What about individuals who are into playing other games? And what are the profits of the online casinos? To answer these questions, you will have to go through the statistics of top online roulette in the UK. Let us have a look at the important numbers below:


People Who Gamble the Most in the UK

Start understanding the statistics by identifying people who are entirely into gambling in the UK. According to the UK Gambling Commission, around 48% of individuals there took part in different gambling actions in 2016. However, the data also included people who purchase tickets from the National Lottery.

It is interesting to note that people who buy lottery tickets in the UK do not consider themselves gamblers. So, if they are excluded, only 33% of the people in the United Kingdom gamble.

Coming down to which gender gambles excessively, men will be leading without any surprises. Speaking of age, individuals between the ages of 35 and 44, gamble the most.


Land-Based vs. Online Casinos

Speaking of the choice between land-based and online casinos, numbers under this category might be surprising as well. The UKGC reports put down that approximately 21.3% men and 13.5% women gamble online. Nevertheless, if the lottery ticket-buying individuals are excluded, only 12.8% of the respondents are into online gambling.

Nevertheless, despite low rates of participation, online gambling destinations have proved to be more lucrative in comparison to the land-based venues. The United Kingdom has many far-flung destinations for betting, bingo as well as casino games. They have made gross earnings of more than £4.7 billion, according to official reports.

Alternatively, casinos located on land are showing very low figures. The betting destinations have reported yields of around £3.35 billion, while the average quality casinos are satisfied at £1.16 billion. The bingo venues are following with £687 million. The remote casinos with £2.98 billion are more than the offline and online GGY of The National Lottery.


Statistics of Online Casinos

Keeping land-based casinos aside, we will now have a close look at the profit-making sectors of the online gambling venues. As is quite evident, casino games tend to generate a lot of revenue, and they make around 55.5% of 2016 online GGY, sitting comfortably at £2.62 billion. This is followed by betting that comes with £1.74 billion; meanwhile, betting exchanges, bingo and pool betting sit at a GGY of around £365.6 million.

Coming to the different varieties of online casino games generating the most revenue, slots are leading the charge with £1.69 billion. Table games stand at 16% with £414.5 million GGY while card games make approximately £205.4 million. The other online casino games stand at a grand total of £309.37 million combined.


Gambling within the Society

Jotting down social statistics related to gambling, the very first thing that you need to note is problem gamblers. Around 0.7% of respondents have been marked as problem gamblers in the 2016 report. The numbers include 0.1% women and 1.2% men.

Speaking of age, people between 16 and 24 have certain gambling issues. These are followed by the ones between 35 and 44 with 1.1%. 1% problem gamblers are there in other age groups.



Gambling is gaining popularity in the UK, but the figures are not yet satisfying. If all the numbers are added, you will find that the total GGY in the UK has barely increased.