For years, mass email marketing was used by thousands of companies to make offers to their prospects, nurture leads or grow their brand image.

What is bulk emailing? How to send out mass emails? If you ask these questions, make sure not to miss this article, as we will cover the basics you need to know to launch your first bulk campaign successfully.


What is Bulk Email?

Bulk mailings are sent as a campaign to a big number of recipients by businesses, non-profit organizations, or other institutions. Usually, the purpose of mass emailing implies establishing contact with receivers in order to sell products or services, inform them about some news or invite them to certain events.


How to send mass emails?

Here is a simple guide to sending blast emails.

Find an email service provider

Mass emailing software is a basis. It not only gives you the capacity to send hundreds of messages per day but also grants additional instruments like various content editors or contact extractors which would widen your opportunities to create efficient campaigns. There are a lot of options on the market, so take your time to select the one that will work the best for you.

Get a dedicated IP address

An IP address dedicated solely to your bulk mailing activities would decrease the chances of being blacklisted as a spammer and mitigate the risks of jeopardizing your other resources associated with the aforementioned IP.

Create an email list

When you have set up your account, carefully gather the addresses of your recipients into the lists. Don’t be afraid to diversify them and choose different messages for different groups, as it will help you to understand what approaches bring better results for your business.


How to send a personalized mass email campaign

Usually, one of the most important bulk email tips says that you need to create personalized campaigns, otherwise, you risk getting lost among dozens of other newsletters coming to the mailboxes of your recipients. Here are a few tricks that would help you with this matter.

Personalize your bulk email copy

You need not only to catch the attention of your audience but to interest them in your offer and business. Making them feel special and showing that you care will be the right strategy. Hence, include receivers’ names in the content of your messages and appeal to their personal interests.

Apply filters when setting up your target

Don’t send the same campaign to everyone: choose a narrow audience you want to contact, and explore their pains, needs, and interests to create an offer that would work for them with a higher chance than a general newsletter.

Include unsubscribe link

You might wonder why you should leave an unsubscribe link in your message: wouldn’t it push people to leave your contact list? The truth is that if the person wants to leave, they will find a way to do it. However, without having a link, they might become angry at you and eventually, damage your reputation. Moreover, having such a link in your newsletter is a demand from many providers to reduce your chances of looking like a spammer.


Best time to send an email blast

There is no right time, per se, as it depends a lot on the audience you’re working with. Find out when your recipients are more likely to check their mailboxes and schedule the blast for this time.



Hopefully, this guide explained how to send a mass email and gave you a general impression of the world of email marketing.