Every single year there are around 6 million car accidents in the United States.

If you’ve never been involved in a vehicle accident, you may be clueless about what steps to take immediately after the accident. But making the wrong steps can jeopardize your safety and the potential for legal compensation. Just because you haven’t been in a car accident yet doesn’t mean you should prepare yourself just in case.

Keep reading to learn about what happens after a car accident including the reporting process and interpreting accident laws.

Report the Car Accident to Police

Not sure what to do after a car accident? The very first thing you need to do is secure the scene and contact the police.

To secure the scene, take a few seconds to calm your nerves. Then, determine if yourself, anyone in your car, or anyone in the other vehicles involved is hurt. Then, look around and figure out exactly where you are, including the nearest intersection.

When it comes to who to call after a car accident, that depends on if anyone is injured. If someone is hurt, immediately dial 911 and let them know your location and the extent of the injuries. If no one was hurt, you can call the non-emergency police number and ask for an officer to come and create an accident report.

Get Medical Attention and Repair Car Damage

If you’re in a car accident, the next steps will include getting medical attention if you were injured.

Never downplay your injuries as this can hurt your risk of getting proper compensation later. Instead, seek immediate attention, such as going to the hospital by ambulance or having someone drive you to the emergency room. Keep a record of every treatment you receive and any notes a doctor makes about your condition.

Then, you’ll want to start worrying about the damage to your vehicle. Take your car to a trusted mechanic and ask for an estimate of the repairs. Some insurance companies will want you to get multiple quotes before covering any repair costs.

Consult an Attorney Regarding Accident Laws

Regardless of who was at-fault for the accident, it’s a good idea to consult a car accident attorney.

They can help you understand the car accident laws and help you fight to have your medical bills and vehicle repairs covered by insurance. They can also answer any other questions you have, such as “Are there arrests for a car accident?” or “How is at-fault determined?”.

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Moving Forward After a Car Accident

After reading this article, you’re better prepared to calmly and correctly handle a vehicle accident.

Start by immediately reporting the accident to the police so that the accident is on the public record. Once the police arrive, you can focus on getting yourself and any passengers medical attention while also looking ahead to vehicle repairs. From there, seek consultation from an attorney to learn more about accident laws and if you are eligible for compensation.

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