Do you ever wonder if and how many visitors access your page daily? A website visitor counter keeps track of how many visitors visit your website and displays it at the bottom of the page.

Website operators such as and users use website visitor counters for web analytics. Website counters are from the leading online counter providers,  content management sites, or home building sets. You can also create or own a visitors counter and run it on your website.

The systems use counter pixels from log file analysis or javascript applications. They monitor and record information regarding an individual user, the method they use to access the website, and the number of visitors to your site.

How do website counters work ?

A website counter contains numbers that usually display themselves in plain text or inline digital images.

It can come in a variety of fonts and different styles, such as the wheels of an odometer.

The date of setting up or reset of the website counter always accompanies the number so that you can determine within what time several page loads occurred or when there were no page loads at all.

Website visitor counters are useful and advantageous in a variety of ways:

Tracking your website traffic

Incorporating a visitor website counter is very important for your business. Every time someone visits your web, the visitors counter makes an addition.

You can see how popular your website is and the particular pages on it. You can see what pages or contents have the most clicks and vice versa within your website. These ways, you can be able to redesign or improve it to attract more traffic.


It helps in online marketing.

When you know the number of people using your page, you can determine if that is your set goal or you want to get more customers.

This way, you will decide to engage in online marketing and advertising and what techniques to use it to ensure potential clients discover and visit your website.

In addition to that, when you do an online campaign or when you run an advertisement, you can determine if it was successful by checking is the visitor counter has gone up.

Moreover, it is useful when choosing an advertiser. When the advertisers see the number of users that have visited your page, they will be encouraged to place the advertisement for you.

It is easy to use

A website visitor counter is straightforward to use. All you are to do is copy and paste an HTML code to your website.

When you download it, it has clear instructions on how to use it. It has data statistics that are easy to read, and it also supports multiple languages.

You can also customize the website visitors’ counter to make it visible or not to your customers. Both ways, it has its advantages and disadvantages.

It is free to install

a visitor counter is free to install. You only need the right service provider and your email address. You can log in to a counter service provider and choose the font, style, and the one you want.

The good part about it is that you can also install your counter on your website if you are concerned about privacy issues.

For customer use

A website counter enables customers to see how many other people have visited your page. According to your page’s popularity, they can decide whether to trust your business or not.

Customers like to purchase items based on their popularity. If your visitors’ count is high, they are quick to make an impression about your brand, but if the bar is low, they will be hesitant in deciding to trust you.

Therefore it is essential to attract more traffic to your website to increase your visitors’ count hence gaining trust with new visitors, and this will lead to more sales.

You can compare visits.

With a web counter, you can know what time the customers visit your page more and when the traffic is low. You discover peak hours, days, and when there are no sales at all.

This way, you will know what time to increase add ons, pop-ups, special offers, giveaways, discounts, and gift vouchers more available to encourage and trigger sales.

For transparency

When you make a website counter visible to the users, it makes them know that your brand is genuine, and they will easily trust your work. On the other hand, if they don’t know if other people have visited your site and made purchases, they will doubt and be hesitant about making purchases.

Therefore when you install a website counter to your website, it is advisable to make it visible for your users as it works more to your advantage.

The bottom line

Getting a website visitors counter for your website is very important if you want to monitor traffic to your site. It helps you to know what areas to improve on, what adverts to run, and how it contributes to getting more clients and selling more.