Have you noticed puffs of dust from your air duct? Do you want to ensure that your home has perfect ventilation? Then, chances are that you need Air duct cleaning. It can be frustrating to come across puffs of dust in the home cooling and heating system. It is possible that the dust is coating the return vent grill. Moreover, if you have a pet, it is common for pet hair to get trapped in the vent. Hence, you will require air duct cleaning services.

Many people do not know that indoor air pollution is more common than they think. It is a growing concern that causes many breathing issues. Although there are many corporations which market products to boost indoor air quality, sometimes all you need is air duct cleaning service. The Environmental Protection Agency has reported that the quality of indoor air tends to be more polluted than the outdoor air. The main reason why indoor air is more polluted is because the air ducts in your home might be contaminated. Since the HVAC system functions like lungs, it is crucial that you get them checked regularly for cleaning.

What Is Air Duct Cleaning Service?

If you have recent come across an advertisement on the television or in the mail about an Air duct cleaning company, then you need to read on. Air duct cleaning service helps ensure that the indoor air quality of your home is improved to ensure that you can live healthy indoors. Air duct cleaning services cost anywhere from $400 to $1,000 depending on the heating and cooling system, the level of contamination, climatic region, system accessibility, and the size of the system that requires cleaning.

Now, before you decide to hire an air duct cleaning company for cleaning your cooling and heating system, it is crucial that you make sure that the company also agrees to clean all of the components in the system and has the expertise to do so.

Generally, air duct cleaning service refers to the cleaning of all the cooling and heating system components of the forced air system. It includes the return and supply registers, air ducts, diffusers, grilles, cooling coils, heat exchangers heating coils, the air handling unit housing, fan housing, fan motor, and condensate drain pans.

When these components are not properly operated, maintained, or installed, they might end up becoming contaminated with pollen, dust, and other debris. Moreover, if there is moisture, there is also the possibility of microbiological growth such as mold. Thus, microbiological growth can be increased and will impact the living space of your home. The contaminants might even lead to allergic reactions and other symptoms when someone is exposed to these contaminants. Hence, it is vital that the air duct cleaning company agrees to clean the entire cooling and heating system because failure to clean all the components would result in recontamination.

What Are The Methods For Air Duct Cleaning?

When it comes to air duct cleaning, there are various duct cleaning methods that can be used. Even though there are many methods that can be used for duct cleaning, there are certain standards which have been established in the industry.

Normally, the service provider would use specialized tools for dislodging the dirt and debris from the ducts. Then, the ducts would be vacuumed using a high-powered vacuum cleaner. Moreover, it is common for the air duct cleaning service provider to use chemical biocides for eliminating any possible microbiological contaminants. These would be applied to the inside of the duct and other components of the system.

Many air duct cleaning companies also suggest the use of chemical treatments such as sealants for covering or encapsulating the inside surfaces of the equipment and air ducts as it will help control the growth of mold and prevent dirt particles from being released through the ducts. Keep in mind that before such measures are taken, the service provider should fully research the premises in order to be better informed.

When Should You Contact an Air Duct Cleaning Company?

Although it is a good idea to contact an air duct cleaning company to clean the air ducts in your home or office from time to time, there are certain situations where it is necessary for contacting an air duct cleaning company. These are mentioned below.

  • If you have a pet and its fur gets caught in the air ducts or vents as it would allow allergens, molds, germs, and fungus to live on.
  • You start to experience unexplained respiratory issues.
  • When you start to notice that you or your family members experience asthma, sinus, an unexplained allergy, or any other respiratory issue.
  • When there is excessive debris and dirt surround the ducts because the air circulates throughout your home about 5 to 7 times a day.
  • The house or office has abnormal moisture levels which would lead to considerable air pollution.
  • If there has been damaged caused from a fire loss or water such as by high humidity levels, slow leak, sewage backup, ground water, or a burst pipe.
  • There are signs of insect or rodent infestation.
  • If you smell or see insects or rodents living in the duct as it is not just a health hazard but also damaging for the HVAC system and its efficiency.



If you want to improve your health and the HVAC efficiency, then, you need to hire an air duct cleaning company. It will help ensure that air quality in the office or your home is at its optimal. Besides, it will also help lengthen the life of the HVAC system and its efficiency which in turn would result in lower electricity bills. Make sure that you hire the right air duct cleaning company to reduce pollutants and live a healthier life. A reputable air duct cleaning company will be delighted to inspect your home and office to make sure that you live in a healthy environment.