Alfred Nickson is a successful network marketer who stands heads and shoulders above his contemporaries. He blends a unique teaching and guidance model where he simultaneously helps people achieve their financial goals through coaching and credit services.


How it all Started

Alfred has always possessed the zest to become an entrepreneur. He draws a main amount of inspiration from his rough background. An entrepreneur from the age of 19, Alfred has become an accomplished public speaker, success coach, and finance entrepreneur.

Alfred started his journey directly out of high school. He grew up in the inner cities of Miami where the future of a young African American man hinged solely on getting a sports scholarship and getting into college. He was sorely disappointed. However, there was a silver lining behind his dark cloud.


“Coming out of high school, I met a Gentlemen who was 24 years old driving a Bentley and widely successful! I mean this guy was dressed sharp. He introduced me to something called “residual income” I fell in love with that concept. I was extremely passionate about it and felt that everyone I came in contact with needed to know about residual income. That’s where public speaking came in. That was my gateway to get the message out to the masses,” Alfred says.

Alfred designs every aspect of his career around what his customers and clients need in their lives and businesses.

“The most rewarding thing about my profession is the lives I am able to change! I get gratitude when pushing people to their limits and bringing out their absolute best! My childhood played a huge role in that. I had to be strong and overcome so many obstacles. That’s why my clients love our program because I’m authentic I speak from the heart and experience. The fruits of my labor show that it’s worth it to never give up.”

Alfred’s career has spanned more than 9 years and he has achieved wild measures of success. He’s a world-class leader with nearly 100 Documented 6-7 figure earners in his organization, and in June 2020 Alfred organization went over $ 10 Million in Sales Volume and achieved the position of pinnacle Senior Vice President. However, none of these achievements came easily. Alfred worked his way up from the very bottom.

“I wish I would’ve believed bigger much sooner! If someone would’ve told me when I was 19 that by age 25 I would be a millionaire, I would have worked twice as hard. I learned to embrace the process. Everything that I went through was necessary for me to get to where I am at today.”


The sky is the starting point for Alfred Nickson, and we highly anticipate future milestones from this revolutionary entrepreneur.