Malaysia is located on the equator next to Sunny Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia. The country is a tiny nation in South East Asia. It has a strong economy due to its investor friendly policies. One of the most popular industries in Malaysia is the Mineral Water Industry. The mineral water industry is booming in Malaysia. There are many companies which provide mineral water services in Malaysia, and there are delivery options which are available as well. Choose the best Mineral Water Malaysia company in order to fulfill your water needs. The company provides bottled water at your door with its door to door services.

Why go to the supermarket to buy a carton andcarry it back home when you could have it delived at your home or office with Jantzen. It is the ultimate choice of Malaysian. Customers who are on the go can easily buy the bottled water from Jantzen to instantly quench their thirst. The weather in Malaysia and hot and humid, even though it rains a lot, one may feel dehydrated pretty quickly which is why the Jantzen water bottles are available throughout the country.


Two Major Types of Water Bottles

The company provides two major types of water bottles namely RO water and mineral water which are the most popular options in Malaysia.


RO Water

RO water or reverse osmosis water is important and needs to be readily available in Malaysia due to the hot and humid climate. Despite, the amount of rainfull, it can get hot in Malaysia pretty quick, especially in cities like Kuala Lumpur or Johor Bahru making RO water an essential.

Malaysians buy plenty of  RO water, with tourists buying it the most as they are not used to the climate. The reverse osmosis water is removed from various impurities to give you a fresher and cleaner water. It is the best option if you feel dehydrated. Jantzen provides the quality of RO water in all of Malaysia.


Mineral Water

Mineral water contains minerals and various dissolved substances to give consumers a therapeutic value when they drink it.

It is always important to carry a bottle of mineral bottle along with you when you travel in the country or just go about. Jantzen provides the best quality of mineral water in Malaysia.


Why Jantzen is the Best Choice?

There are various reasons why Jantzen is the best choice for you. It is the leading mineral water provider in all of Malaysia. When you buy yourself a bottle of mineral water or RO water from Jantzen, you will know the difference in the quality of water once you drink it. There is a reason why Malaysians rely on Jantzen with their water needs.

  • Has a professional delivery team: Jantzen has a professional delivery team which has an experience of over 20 years of providing water delivery services in the country.
  • Has a structured delivery route: The company has a structured delivery route to provide customers with water within a period of 3 to 7 working days, making it one of the fastest water delivery companies in the country. Why waste time boiling water when you could have mineral water delivered at your footsteps which is also good for your health.
  • Internation Organization: The company follows the best international organization practices. Employees go through a rigorous professional international training program to ensure that high quality services are provided which take efficiency and safety into account.


Why your office needs the Services of a Dedicated Company?

Corporate businesses and offices rely on the delivery services of Jantzen to provide them with the best accessible water in the region.The bottled water delivered to you by Jantzen tastes refreshing and clean as well as has a great taste.

The company offers safe water which has been prepared with the latest international quality standards and checks to ensure that the water is in perfect condition for consumption.

Another great thing about the bottled water is that it can be served in a single goas it is light weight and efficiently packaged making it the best single serving bottle out their.


Mineral Water Availabity in Different Sizes

The mineral water is available in different sizes as per your needs.

  • 350 ml mineral water bottle: A carton includes 24 bottles of 350 ml water. The 350 ml water bottle is perfect for fitting into your bag or even purse. Keep your family hydrated with the option.
  • 600 ml mineral water bottle: A carton includes 24 bottles of 600 ml water. Sometimes you just need more water, especially on a hot and humid day which I why the 600 ml water bottle is just what you need when you ventur into the city. Take it with you wherever you mag go.
  • 1.5 l mineral water bottle:  A carton includes 12 bottles. It is the perfect size which you can take with you on a family picnic or gathering. It is important to drink plenty of water, especially in a country like Malaysia which is why the water bottle helps you keep track of the intake.
  • 6 l mineral water bottle: Sometimes you need a water bottle for your daily needs which is why the 6 l water bottle is perfect for office or at home. Stay hydrated throughout the day with the 6 l water bottle. A carton contains 2 bottles of water.


Mineral Water in Malaysia

Malaysia is the perfect market for mineral water as the tap water is not safe for consumption and would need to be boiled before being consumed. Jantzen has an extensive experience of 20 years of providing water delivery services to the leading organizations in Malaysia. The company makes use of technology to monitor the daily intake of customers to provide customers with convient water delivery before customers need to even give a call.