All about online dating merchant account to start online dating business

The fantasy to find someone whose mindset or lifestyle matches yours has come true with online dating. With the online dating hype, love is no more in the air, in fact it is in the internet. The online dating apps an websites have become popular and emerging in numbers on internet every day. Although people are busy finding their soulmates online using these apps and websites, the money makers have found the online dating as their new game.

Most of the newbie entrepreneurs are turning towards online dating hype to set their foot in the industry. With the rise in such interest we have so many dating websites available online like compatibility websites, geographic locations, religious dating websites, niche dating websites, dating websites for seniors,  adult dating websites etc., All looks good when choosing the category to set up the online dating business but the problem arises when it comes to getting an online merchant account for your business. An online merchant account is essential for accepting the credit card payments, which is also a basic necessity of an online dating business.

Do you need an online dating merchant account or your online dating business?

Obviously, yes! Because when you want to involve in an online business then the credit or debit card processing and accepting payments are the crucial wheels of your business and an online merchant account stands necessary to start you online dating business. It is actually an extensive process of underwriting, that analyses your business, documentation and application.

When in dating industry, you need to know that the dating industry is a high volume niche and generates incredible profits. So, when you take an online dating merchant account rom nay domestic or international bank, you get highly charge because of the conservative approach to your merchant account.

It is important for a business to be active with an official website online providing the accurate information of services provided by the business before applying for an online merchant account.

But, unfortunately, not all the time your application for online merchant account gets approved. In fcat, most of the times the application online merchant accounts for the businesses like online dating gets rejected. Let’s know why.

Reasons why getting an online dating merchant account for dating business is difficult

There are a few reasons that define how difficult is getting an online merchant account for any business especially the online dating business.

  • Firstly, many major banks do not consider to do business with the online dating industry as it is mostly considered to be “high-risk” business and the high risk businesses have the higher rates of fraudulent activities.
  • Secondly, when a business is considered to be of high risk then the chargebacks are the main reason or hurdle between the online merchant account and online dating business that harms the growth of business.
  • Lastly, few providers do not consider working with the dating companies because of their high chargeback ration as well as the damage to reputation and fraudulent use.

But you got a way!

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When you apply for an online dating merchant account with iPayTotal, their advanced tools and solutions with sophisticated expertise evaluate the risks in your business and provide you with an ideal payment processing solution or your business at competitive rates.

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