Without a doubt, child sexual abuse is a devasting crime whose victims are not capable of protecting themselves or even speak about it. This is the reason why perpetrators are repeat offenders. Unfortunately, it is an under-reported crime that is daunting to prove and prosecute. Many perpetrators are not identified and caught.

In the US, approximately, 2.9 million cases are reported every year. It was reported that 5 children die because of child abuse. According to a report, 1 out of 5 boys and 1 out of 3 girls are sexually abused before reaching 18 years of age.

There are 68% of children who are abused by their family members. Child protection work is not only frustrating but challenging as well. In most cases, facts are set aside, and emotions rule the day. In most family court cases, there is a need for an expert witness.

In this post, we have mentioned everything you need to know about expert consultants for a child abuse case.

What is An Expert Witness or Consultant?

An expert witness has a key role to play under the US system of jurisprudence. The child abuse expert witness might be asked to offer an expert opinion depending on their area of expertise. The US court highly depends on the testimony of the expert witness in both, civil and criminal cases. This is because they are better equipped and capable of explaining scientific matters to the judges and jurors. Moreover, they are also able to give their opinions.

The expert child abuse consultant has many years of experience and comprehensive knowledge of child abuse. A child abuse expert witness usually has a background in working in the legal, medical, or any other industry. An expert consultant may offer valuable insights into the case related to issues like clinical psychology, neuropsychology, child development, and other areas.

When it comes to accepting an expert witness, there is a wide discretion. It usually depends on the judge and the place. Since the law of expert testimony is complicated and complex, it varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Whether to accept the expert witness or no, depends on two factors; their experience and education.

Why You Should Hire an Expert Witness?

There are several reasons for hiring an expert witness. Here are some of the most common reasons.

Expert Opinion and Testimony

By having an expert witness in the child abuse case will be regarded as accurate and informative. This will enable them to impress the judge or juror with their expert opinion.


Since the expert witnesses are experienced, there is a possibility that they might have worked on a similar case before. They are capable of representing facts precisely and in a clear way. It allows the judges or jurors to understand it in a better way.

Help Others Understand the Case

The expert witnesses know how to make people understand complex subjects in a simplified manner. Since the expert consultants are knowledgeable, they can explain everything in a laymen term. This is to make sure everyone involved in the case can understand and discuss the case without any hassle.

Provides Better Insights

The expert witnesses are capable of providing insights that can get the case settled in a quick way. They are better equipped to get a decision in your favor. It will increase your chance of success. They will make sure a fair settlement is achieved rather than prolonging the case.

Saves Your Money

When you hire an expert, you will be able to save your money. They can clarify matters and give the information required for making an educated and quick decision. It is important to hire the right expert, who has extensive knowledge about the industry.

Unbiased Viewpoint

The expert witnesses and consultants are impartial. This is crucial as they need to convince the jury or a judge. It is imperative to hire an expert in with the right credentials and experience. This helps in ensuring they are a reliable source of information. The experts have no personal involvement in the case, this is why they are considered as a reliable source.

Why Choose Us?

With many years of experience, I offer exceptional services. Here are the reasons why you should hire me.

Provide Professional Opinion

I am capable of offering analysis and opinion on the matters that are related to the case. I have enough knowledge to clarify facts and information. I can make it simple for the decisions to be made depending on the facts rather on the emotions.

Wide Range of Services

I offer a broad range of services including consultancy in child abuse cases for non-offending parents. Moreover, I provide expert witness services in a wide range of areas including IRIS, Adult guardianship, and stepparent adoption.

Better Understanding of the Situation

I work closely with attorneys to offer depositions, case validation, and trial appearances. By sharing my knowledge and experience, I can provide case study information. This is to give a better understanding of the case.

Who Requires Our Services?

I offer services to the attorneys who are experts in handling the family court aspect but have no experience in dealing with the child abuse aspect. The attorneys who are being challenged for the way they are handling the child abuse case can also get help from me.

IRIS – A Complete Guide to This Medicaid Program

Do you know about IRIS? It is a Medicaid program established and run by Long Term Supports unit of Wisconsin’s Health Services Department. Though many people think it is similar to Family Care, there is a slight difference between both. The only difference between both programs is that IRIS is self-directed.

In this post, we have talked about IRIS in detail and what services I provide to my clients. Have a look!

What is IRIS?

Include, Respect, I Self-Direct (IRIS) is a program for the frail elders and people with disabilities. In order to get into the IRIS program, you have to meet the eligibility criteria of the program. This program is designed on the principles of self-direction and self-determination. It means you have complete control over how you want to live your life.

The goals of the IRIS program include:

  • To be actively involved in your community
  • Have a home
  • To stay healthy and safe
  • Maintaining a relationship
  • Earn money or get full retirement

How Does the IRIS Program Work?

When you join an IRIS program, a budget is created depending on your long-term care goals and needs. The participant gets to decide what services, goods, and support they require for fulfilling your goals. It is established to help you live a meaningful life.

Why Should You Hire an Attorney for the IRIS Program?

There are plenty of reasons for hiring a consultant for the IRIS system. Following are some of the most compelling reasons:

Not Everyone Understands Law

There are several legal terms that you need to understand. This might be a little difficult for someone who doesn’t have knowledge of the legal terms. Without proper knowledge, it might be stressful to gather all the required documents and file them properly. Since you don’t know all the rules and laws, your case can be dismissed on the basis of lack of documents or evidence. So, it is crucial to hire an attorney with extensive knowledge and experience.

Hiring an Attorney Might Cost A Lot

When you hire a lawyer, it will help you save plenty of money. This is because you might not be able to get the services you require without a lawyer if IRIS cancels. In addition, it will help you get what you need. Since they have adequate knowledge, they can efficiently negotiate on your behalf. They are capable of getting a deal that you deserve.

Experienced and Skilled

The attorneys are skilled and experienced enough to handle your case in the best possible way. They have experience of many years and might have handled several similar cases. It enables them to reach an agreement in an efficient manner.

Avoid Pitfalls

An average person might not be aware of all their rights. This is where an attorney comes in. They will help you fight for your right and will explain every step to you. So, you need to hire an attorney when dealing with IRIS to avoid any pitfalls.

To Match Your Opponent

You have to keep in mind that your opponent will have a seasoned lawyer. This is why you don’t need to have a lawyer who is not well versed with the law. It will limit your chances of getting the right deal and make your chances of winning slim.


Top Reasons to Hire Lori S. Kornblum?

I have been working in this industry for many years. It enabled me to handle plenty of IRIS case and successfully settled them. I offer a wide range of services; other than IRIS, you can avail my service if you need an expert consultant in a child abuse case, adult guardianship, and stepparent adoption.

There is a plethora of reasons for hiring, here are the most compelling reasons to hire me.

Years of Experience

You would want to have an attorney who has worked on such cases before. I am experienced and highly trained who has been working with IRIS for a long time. I have extensive knowledge about the process, requirements, and the possible options available.

Capable of Negotiating

I will help the guardians, parents, and participants who are having trouble navigating IRIS. This is because sometimes, participants believe they need service while IRIS might not agree with this. I have the capability to negotiate with the IRIS and help resolve the contested issues.

Right to Appeal

When IRIS cancels a service, they send Notice of Action (NOA). Not many people know that they have the right to appeal. This is where I come in handy. I will recommend everyone to involve me before the IRIS refuses aa service.

But don’t worry, I can even be helpful after the cancellation of service. I will ensure the conflict is settled through negotiations because it is the most effective way to settle a dispute.

Outstanding Services

I offer excellent services to all my clients. With many years of experience and training, I can negotiate on your behalf as I have comprehensive knowledge. I will make sure you get the best deal. I will explain all the things to you in detail, so you will be aware of every stage.

Additionally, I can communicate with the independent consultant to come up with a budget that meets your requirements and goals. I will ensure an amount that is acceptable to both parties is set to avoid any conflict. I will help in managing the services and goods to meet your long-term care needs.

Who Can Avail The Services By Lori S. Kornblum?

I offer services to parents, participants, and guardians who have a challenging time dealing with IRIS agency. The people who got the Notice of Action can avail my services. In addition, the participants who have trouble navigating the IRIS system.

A Final Word

If you are looking for an expert consultant in Ozaukee County, WI Child Abuse Consultant is the right choice. I offer expert witness for child abuse cases in Wisconsin for non-offending parents. I will work closely with the family law attorney but won’t get involved in the family court cases. In order to make the attorney understand the case in a better way, I will help in preparation, research, and testimony.

I will even inform how to pursue the case and what strategies should be used. In addition, I am capable of providing an insight into the psychological aspect of child abuse. With my expertise, I will make sure the case is settled quickly and favorably.

When it comes to dealing with the IRIS system, I am the only private attorney in the state who successfully settle the cases. For more information, visit my website.