In today’s post, I will talk about the popular Vladdin vape pod.

In recent times, you can see an increased number of vaping pod systems available on the market. The vaping community is introducing new devices and products almost every day. It is growing quickly and constantly changing the way, where and when you can vape.

The new products are making it extremely easy to vape and enjoy a pleasant vaping experience. The biggest challenge the vaping industry has to face is developing a device that offers an authentic and precise experience like a cigarette.

Not all the devices offer the same experience, so it becomes frustrating and challenging to find the right vaping pod.

Recently, Vladdin Vape Pod system gained popularity rapidly. This post talks about the Vladdin vape pod in detail.

What is Vladdin Vape Pod?

Vladdin Vape pod is a lightweight, durable, and portable vaping device. This is an open pod system in which you can refill your e-liquid. It is a closed pod system as well. In this pod, you can remove and dispose of the pod when it is empty. You can buy a new pod for the system. This is perfect for someone who wants to have a smooth and mess-free vaping experience.


Reasons to Buy Vladdin Pod

There are several reasons to use Vladdin Vape Pod. Here are some of the most compelling ones.

Exceptional Features

The Vladdin Vape pod is developed oil and e-juice. Though the pod has a top fill design for optimizing nicotine-salt based e-juice, it can work well with all types of e-liquid. The pod system has a patented ceramic coil that will improve the flavor of e-juice and provide a consistent and smooth vaping experience with the help of controlled power.

Requires No Maintenance

This pod is easy to use as it comes with its heating core, which you cannot replace. The replacement of pod is simple, making it easy to use. There are no unusual requirements for maintenance. Besides, it has no complicated operation, which makes it convenient to use.

Easily Refillable

One of the reasons to use Vladdin pod is that it is leakproof and can refill it easily. All you have to do is remove the silicone stopper and fill in the tube with e-liquid. A pod will last for at least one to two weeks. It is advised to replace the pod when the flavor changes or when it starts to taste burnt. So, this means you can change the flavor of the system anytime you like.

Compact and Portable

It is lightweight and portable, making it easy to fit in your pocket or carry in your purse. It is small in size that you will not even notice it is there in your pocket.

Excellent Alternative to Smoking

Another reason for using Vladdin Vape pod is that it is an excellent alternative to smoking. Since it uses e-liquids, it contains VG, PG, flavoring, and nicotine salts. The nicotine salts are perfect for meeting the needs of smokers. There is no harmful substance produced during the burning. This decreases the harm to your body. Moreover, it is capable of stimulating the same throat feeling as a cigarette.

Outstanding Design

The design of the pod system is amazing and interesting, making it ergonomic. When you hold it in your hand, you will feel good. There are no buttons or screen displays; it just has an indicator of battery life.

Available in Different Colors

This pod system comes in different colors including Gold, Titanium, Rainbow, and Black. No matter which color you choose, it will look elegant and aesthetically pleasing.

Reasonable Vaping Device

The Vladdin Vape pod will not cost you a lot. It is an affordable vaping device with plenty of features. The replacement of the pod will not burn a hole in your pocket.

Perfect for Discreet Vaping

This is a discreet vaping device. Since the device is small, it doesn’t produce huge vapor clouds like box mods. This makes it an excellent choice for discreet vaping.

Long-lasting Battery

The battery of the system is 350mAh will is pretty good. It will last for a long time, meaning you will not have frequently charge it. The system has a micro-USB charging port with short circuit protection. This will make it easy for you to charge it without any hassle.


Frequently Asked Questions

How to use Vladdin Vape pod for the first time?

When you are using Vladdin vape pod for the first time, you must wait for 5 minutes after filling it. This is because it will give ample time to the coil to absorb the juice.

How many puffs can you get from the vaping pod?

The capacity of the pod is 1.5 ml, which gives nearly 400 puffs before you can refill it.

What type of vaping juice should you use?

Since this pod is refillable, you will not have to buy a new pod when you run out of juice. You can refill it using any type of e-juice. Most preferably, you must use salt nicotine juice.

What are the drawbacks of the Vladdin vaping pod?

The device comes with just one pod, which might not be enough for some people. Another con of the pod system is that the coil might burn the juice. However, it is a great vaping pod offering an exceptional experience.


Final Verdict

Therefore, Vladdin Vape pod system is a wonderful vaping device that will help quit smoking. Even though it is a new company, the vaping device is of top quality. Investing in this vape pod system is a good decision because of several reasons. The construction and quality are excellent.

The pod system has a refillable pod, you can refill it with your e-liquid. The size of a vaping device is compact and portable. You can carry it with you anywhere without any difficulty.

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