Aloe vera has many beneficial properties. In fact, this plant has been used for more than 2,000 years for its therapeutic properties, known also by all the peoples of antiquity. In general, aloe vera is laxative, healing and able to treat inflammation.

The slimming properties of aloe vera are also well known. The healing properties of aloe vera are truly exceptional.

Let’s go into detail and see what are all the benefits that the aloe vera plant can bring for our health


Aloe vera is an anti-inflammatory. It reduces redness, swelling and pain that is associated with muscle tension, tendinitis, sprains, muscle tears, bruises, burns and burns. It can eliminate the heat action in the plagues, carrying out an antipyretic action.

Aloe vera is also useful as a remedy for sunburn.


To heal wounds

Various types of aloe vera can also guarantee effective wound healing

An American study has shown that convalescence after surgery is reduced when treated with aloe vera
It was alsoseen that subjects who underwent surgery to solve the acne problem could heal 72 hours early if they were wrapped with an aloe gel compound.


To strengthen immune defences

Aloe vera is able to strengthen the immune system because it has a great bactericidal capacity, can regenerate cells and is a natural antiseptic. Aloe vera detoxifies and cleanses the body, stimulates the production of endorphins and can exert an analgesic and pain-relieving action.


Energy effect

Aloe vera is also characterized by its great energy effect. It is able to hydrate the tissues, it can balance the intestine in case of dysentery and constipation and it is a very nutritious food, because it is rich in proteins, carbohydrates, mineral salts, vitamins, amino acids and enzymes. Aloe vera in the feed also helps to fight the heat.


To drink

Many people are interested in how to prepare drinks with aloe vera leaves or recipes with aloe vera.

We must be careful, however, because we know that the leaves from the cultivation of aloe vera are very rich in aloin, the effects of which are not yet fully known.

It is believed that if taken regularly, aloe vera can cause damage to the body: it can also have an abortive effect.

The side effects of aloe vera should therefore be considered carefully, because we must not forget that there are also contraindications linked to aloe vera.

The properties of aloe juice are also well known, but should always be taken in moderation.

The recommended dose of aloe vera gel drink should not exceed 100/120 ml per adult per day. To prevent risks, it is best to take it only when it is needed. More information on this topic can be found on Lr Aloe Vera.


For dental care

A study by the Pushpagiri College of Dental Sciences in Tiruvallam, India, also highlights the properties of aloe vera for maintaining healthy teeth and mouth.


Against germs

Aloe vera was also more effective in fighting germs and reducing pain caused by infections or inflammation thanks to its anti-inflammatory anthraquinones.

However, scholars have pointed out that these effects may not be ensured by all aloe gel products on the market. The extraction and transformation of the plant is fundamental.

Make sure that you are using products certified by regulatory bodies such as the International Aloe Science Council, Inc.


Where to buy it?

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The content of this article is for informational purpose only and de esnot represent a professional health advice.