Today, I will talk about a pizzeria and gelateria in Maia, Portugal.

Located 11 km north of central Porto, Maia is a city in Porto, Portugal. This municipality has three towns and one city. The population of this municipality was 135,306 in 2011. Many restaurants are offering a unique and exceptional gastronomic experience.

However, if you want to try Italian style pizza or gelato, Nonna Vespa is the best place to go. Nonna Vespa is wonderful Gelataria Pizzaria offering a wide range of pizzas and ice creams. This the perfect place to try true Italian food. The special thing about this is that it is an artisan Italian gelato and home-made pizza restaurant.

Continue reading to know why you must try the home-made pizza and artisanal ice cream.

Portugal is Emerging as Foodie Haven

The country is becoming a popular tourist place because of its food. There are plenty of top restaurants providing splendid cuisine at a lower price. Portuguese food is, no doubt, delicious, but the other cuisines offer an unrivaled taste.

Many restaurants make French, Spanish, and Italian cuisine. However, not all places offer an authentic taste. Only a few places make dishes with true taste.

Porto is one of the most authentic and charming cities in the country. This is a great city to visit for feasting drinking and eating. You can enjoy delicious seafood, wine, cheese, and of course pizza. It is an excellent place to eat healthy food.

Both locals and tourists enjoy Italian taste, and the best place to enjoy the true Italian style pizza or ice cream is Nonna Vespa.

Exceptional Culinary Experience

This place is perfect for enjoying authentic Italian style pizza and ice cream. The pizzeria imports all the ingredients from Italy, this enhances the taste and quality of the food. The ingredients are fresh and full of flavor.

It has a unique taste making it the best pizza you ever tried. The phenomenal flavor will make you come back for more.

Fresh and Delicious

What makes this pizzeria special is that it is handmade when you order it. Even the slices are prepared when you place the order.

Though everything is handmade, from stretching the dough to placing it in the oven, it will not take more than 12 minutes for the pizza to be ready. The oven will make the toppings crunchy, crust fluffy, and crispy.

All the items are created with fresh ingredients and special recipes, not only making it luscious but healthy as well.

Pizza for Everyone

The owner of the restaurant wants every customer to experience the true taste of Italian pizza. So, this is why Nir recommends and guides the customers himself. Good news for vegans, they can also satisfy their taste buds. This pizzeria makes vegan pizza as well to make sure everyone can taste Italian pizza.

Indulge in Quality Food Without Breaking Your Bank

One of the most attractive things about this pizzeria is its prices. You can enjoy a great meal without spending a fortune. The prices vary depending on the size of the pizza, ranging from €7 to €14. the price of a single slice is €2. This is very reasonable, allowing everyone to enjoy pizza and have a delicious meal at any time of the day.

So, visit this amazing place to have a good culinary experience.

Variety of Food

This is a Gelateria as well, meaning you can find great ice creams that are freshly made. Besides pizzas and ice creams, the place also offers a variety of waffles and crepes. A special dish is Italian Affogato. It consists of coffee with ice cream.

Enjoy Real Artisanal Ice Cream

The artisanal ice cream is high in nutritional quality. This is a perfect and pleasant snack for all types of people. Mr. Nir has mastered the art of gelato after practicing for many years. To keep him updated, the owner frequently visits Italy to attend training and workshops.

Through training, he is capable of playing with the flavors and make a unique gelato. The animal cream is an essential ingredient that adds a distinct taste to the ice cream. Many people stated that the ice creams at Nonna Vespa are exceptionally good and the best they have ever tried.

Best Gelateria in Portugal

Although the gelateria and pizzeria opened in 2019, it is one of the best places for having handmade pizza and artisan ice cream. The ice cream is also created with fresh milk, cream, and fruits. The Vanilla and Belgian chocolates are tasty and add more flavor to the ice creams.

The ice creams have a velvety texture and are aromatic. For making such ice creams, both modern and traditional practices are used along with Italian style. A wonderful thing about this gelateria is its broad collection of flavors including Cappuccino, milkshakes, French Crepe, Affogato, Belgian Waffles, and much more.

Friendly Service with a Beautiful Smile

Nonna Vespa is a wonderful place to have a casual dining experience. The best thing about this place is its friendly environment and staff. The atmosphere is relaxing, enabling you to leave all your troubles behind. Your meal will be fresh and exceptional every time you visit, irrespective of the time.

Therefore, next time you visit Portugal, don’t forget to visit Maia. This pizzeria and gelateria is the right place to try authentic Italian taste.

Nonna Vespa offers excellent service, a wide range of menu, and amazing taste. The cozy and relaxing environment will help you unwind. You will love the aroma of oven cooking. There are plenty of reasons to choose this pizzeria and gelateria. Fresh ingredients, fantastic pizza, outstanding service, and a friendly atmosphere are all extremely good reasons to enjoy a tasty pizza and delicious ice cream.

If you are a pizza lover or ice cream fanatic, Nonna Vespa is the best place to enjoy a satisfying meal. For more details, visit

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