An Overview of Personalization Features Available on Hulu

While you are searching for something to stream on Hulu, it recommends shows and movies that you might like. In addition, a variety of features allow you to tell the platform what you are most interested in and what you do not want to see more.

The more you use Hulu features, the more you get a personal experience. This article will let you know how to use the personalization features available on Hulu.


An Overview of Personalization Features Available on Hulu

Various personalization features are available on Hulu. A brief overview is given below.

1.     Hulu Profiles

If you share your TV subscription with people who don’t have similar tastes, Profiles will help you. Hulu allows you to create profiles of up to six different people in your family, including children. However, some features are not available in children’s profiles.

The profile also helps the platform show you movies and shows, depending on how you use the customization features. So, for different profiles, you will see different suggestions. Profile setting allows you to add, edit, delete and change profiles.

If you are encountering troubles or Hulu does not work since you’re located outside the US, you may have to invest in a VPN solution and connect to a server in the US.

2.     My Stuff on Hulu

My stuff is a personalized hub inside the Hulu app. It allows you to add shows, movies, and episodes you want to watch and track.  Live TV subscribers usually use My Stuff to manage Cloud DVR.

Moreover, you can edit My Stuff if you change your mind and no longer want to stream ant show. If you face trouble deleting a show from My Stuff, there may be options to delete the episodes individually.

3.     Hulu Tastepicker

Immediately after subscribing to Hulu, you can inform the platform about your favorite movies shows and generous. Hulu also offers you an option to skip this process. However, if you skip this, you will miss the opportunity to help Hulu to notify you about your favorite tournaments and other live programs.

4.     Watch history

You can check and edit your watch history by navigating to the Keep Watching Home collection. You can also use the delete history feature to delete specific movies and shows in this app section.

5.     Likes and Dislikes

Hulu does its best to suggest the same content if you like any show or movie to move forward. This is a great way to tell the platform about shows and movies you’ve enjoyed in the past. In contrast, if you dislike something, Hulu will stop suggesting such content.

6.     Feedback on Hulu Features

You can provide your feedback on Hulu features to improve the user experience. It helps the platform to make information better. It is the reason; they value your feedback and then offer better online entertainment.

Wrapping Up

A variety of personalized features are available on Hulu. Overall, these features allow you to inform the platform of what you like and what you don’t like. Based on this information Hulu can improve your experience and you can enjoy a whole new assortment of movies/TV shows.