Analyze For Success: Your Next Cryptocurrency Investment Project

Cryptocurrencies are always fluctuating; some rise to the top among the fluctuations – such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, or USDT – purely because of the technologies behind them. But if you’re wondering if your next crypto investment has the potential to rise, stick around as we’ll be discussing that ahead through a case study taking CryptoZoo as an example.

See, when you’re working with real money, you’d want the most surest of results, right? (Yes, obviously!) So, it’s imperative you know the ins and outs before you jump into your next crypto investment. Immediate Definite AI lets you accomplish that with tons of educational content, market activity, insights, signals, and more.

Here’s how you can utilize all that info when analyzing the success of your next crypto investment.

Case Study: CryptoZoo

CryptoZoo is a relatively new, built in 2021, cryptocurrency project that aims to develop a blockchain-based game – users can collect and breed exotic animals.

Ø Roadmap Analysis

·       Project Goals

Get-Rich-Quick schemes never really work out, so you should have a long-term vision in mind while investing. For this, look at the project goals – are they clearly defined; are they achievable; can you see the milestones outlined with a timeline?

CryptoZoo’s roadmap started out with pitching a play-to-earn game in 2024, which they have delivered in 2024. The mobile app is in the works for them, suggesting a focus on development with clear targets (and hitting them as evident from their track record).

·       Feasibility

Now that you have etched out the project goals, it’s time to review the feasibility of the said goals. The question you’re looking answered is whether the team has the resources as well as expertise to deliver on their promises.

From CryptoZoo’s point of view, the team claims experience in gaming and blockchain technology, according to the company’s website. Now, you can verify this via the team members’ profiles on LinkedIn, for example. Check out their credibility, track record, and participation in relevant online communities, forums, or discussions.

What Else Is Involved?

We have only discussed a couple of points for a single factor – roadmap analysis – for determining the potential for success of a crypto project. There’s a lot more involved such as Tokenomics Analysis where you check out the credibility of tokens – how will they be distributed, how they’ll be used, what is their availability, etc.

Now, a lot of this research and analyses require tons of manual work, say, wouldn’t it be easier if you could find that all in a 1 single place?

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