App marketing: What strategies to entertain after the launch

Everyone uses mobile devices: from seniors to toddlers and everything in between. The mobile sector is growing rapidly and there is big money to be made in apps. So you did it! You had a great idea, you pitched it and your app got developed. Now that it’s launched, what happens? We will give you some pointers on what marketing efforts you should engage in to keep downloads healthy and rising after the initial launch.

Although good apps defend themselves, they should reach a certain group of users before this happens. Without promotional activities and proper content optimization, creating mobile applications simply misses the goal. The enormity of similar creations makes that the new application instead of being in the hands of the user, can only hit the abyss of App Store or Google Play. And stay there until the end of their days.

App downloads usually peak within the first couple of weeks after launching. But those results are short-lived if you don’t have a long-term marketing plan for your app in place. Of course you can hire the app developers for professional support, which would be most convenient and probably get you the best results. But whether you decide to do that at some point or not, for now you can start with doing some effective marketing of your own!

Create valuable content

Well, content is king. If you missed this statement earlier by some miracle, it’s time to catch up. Taking care of content optimization for search engines (SEOs) and application stores (ASOs) should be the basis for marketing mobile applications – provided that your application is useful and engaging. Even the best content will not help if the product itself does not meet the user’s expectations.

On the other hand, however, even the best application will not suddenly become popular if nobody finds it. Carefully selected content for the website and blog, as well as a meaningful title and description in the application store (crowned with spectacular screenshots), can work wonders and make it easier for ordinary mortals to find it. Fortunately, optimization of content in the application store does not require knowledge of quantum mechanics.

Marketing should start before your launch

From the minute the app concepts and designs are complete, your marketing strategy should already be on your mind.  Figure out who your ideal users are, why they need to download the app, and how to encourage them to do exactly that.

Get more feedback from customers

Popularity and value based on ratings drives the ranking of the mobile apps in the app store. So getting customer feedback and more reviews increases the possibility of additional downloads.

Get app reviews

Video channels or blogs provide great vessels for reviews. This just increases the awareness of your app and puts the word out there. Why not create a YouTube video that shows and explains someone using the app and its features?

Optimize the app for mobile app stores

The app must be optimized for acquisition at the app store, because 40% of downloads happen by searching here. So make sure your keywords are well-researched and on point.

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