Apple has released the latest version of AirPods which are somewhat smarter than the previous version. Due to the release, stores are now offering deals of the older AirPods which can be purchased at amazing prices.

You might not at first find AirPods 2019 much different from the older version, but they are still great in the category of wireless earbuds.  These have the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack that you will find in Apple products. The quality and fit of these earbuds are excellent. Check out authority review site to know more on these devices.


AirPods Sound Quality

Just like the fit and feel, the AirPods have a good sound quality. The bass is excellent for hearing songs that have treble notes.

The sound of the headphone has rhythm and energy to it and plays different genres of music right from relaxing ones to the pumped-up ones really well.

Even the layering of the sound and the orchestral backing is quite impressive and you would also be able to share the sound without making the soundstage overcrowded.

The crisp and detailed sound of any track is not same as other headphone’s which are somewhat similarly priced but you would surely get a good listening experience with the Airpods.

When compared to Apple’s EarPods which offer a flat and thin sound experience, the AirPods are packed with energy.


AirPods Connectivity with W1 chip

Connectivity to the Bluetooth is quite tricky when it comes to the AirPods are you will find that some of them connect automatically just by turning them on while others might require you to open your Bluetooth menu every single time

You will just need to open the AirPod case next to the iPhone and select the option to pair them. These will then automatically get paired when you put them in your ears and disconnect when taken out together.

AirPods would not work well with other non-iPhone devices as they work with the Apple devices.


AirPods price

The AirPods are surely expensive and you would need to pay extra for these as they are not free with iPhone as compared to EarPods. Even after the discounts or the cheap deals, the AirPods would cost you around $159.

Also, the current AirPods do not have a wireless charging case however they are a safe buy if you are looking for a good sound experience.


AirPods Design

You must be familiar with the look of the EarPods that come with a connected wire.  AirPods are similar in look but with no cables.

The difference between these two is the small arm that is present in AirPods which comes down the earbud section. This arm is slightly thicker than that of the EarPods so that it fits well with the microphone and the battery of the device.

Some of you might not find AirPods as stylish the Apple Buds which might be a bit of the setback when you consider Apple to provide a mix of technology and style.

Also, the AirPods have replaceable silicon ear tips that help in securing them to your ears.


Battery Life

You might the arm protruding from the earbuds quite bulky, but its battery life is simply great. Apple claims that this device has five hours battery life and it charges really fast which is a plus point with these. Also, it is rumored that the new version of the AirPods will allow you to charge them wirelessly.

The present charging case has a great design. You can charge the case with its lighting port. Once it is charged, you can charge your AirPods for around four times.

There is a small LED at the lower end of the charging case that glows red or green which indicates the charging status of the AirPods’. You can even open the lid adjacent to a phone that is paired with it to let it get charged.

Overall, the battery life of AirPods is great and much better when compared to other products.


AirPods and Siri Controls

The AirPods comes equipped with remote controls as compared to other headphones that you can find nowadays. This device depends on Siri and gets activated by doubling tapping any of the earbuds which can also be adjusted for volume and skipping soundtracks. There are several other functions as well which get activated through voice command.

On a final note, you will find the sound quality, battery life and charging speed great in this device. The pairing process too is seamless. However, you might find them a bit disappointing when compared to other headphones as you can control music quickly and easily. You will need to take out your phone regularly for changing tracks. Also, these headphones are quite expensive which some of you might find out of the budget when you can buy better products at such a price.