The iPhone 12 is finally here. It has been one of the most anticipated iPhones in several years. It is an iPhone that seems to be based on new ideas. There is a lot to the new iPhone that we love. This ultimate review of Apple iPhone 12 takes a close look at every single detail so that you can decide whether you should purchase one or not. Apple seems to have done a great job with the iPhone 12. There have been various upgrades and we are going to get to the bottom of everything just for you. Let’s get started.


The first thing that you will notice when you get your hands on the Apple iPhone 12 is the design. It is simply gorgeous. It is lighter and smaller than the iPhone 11 which makes it more compact. The iPhone has a flat screen and flat sides. Having lived with curved edges since the iPhone 6 came out in 2014, it feels good to experience something new. You might feel a bit of a throwback to the original iPhone 4 model which was a true masterpiece in terms of design.

Although the iPhone 12 has flat edges, its corners and seams are perfectly levelled which makes it easy to hold in your hands. The matte aluminium finish is also something that we find interesting. However, the rear glass can seem a bit extra glossy. The front of the phone is not completely glass, but is a hybrid of glass and ceramic. Ceramic crystals are used for improving drop resistance which helps reduce screen repair costs significantly. Overall, the design is more elegant than the previous models.


Iphone lovers know just how important the screen of their iPhone is. Apple has made the switch to an OLED screen. It reduces the bezels and ensures that they are perfectly even throughout the phone, whereas, the actual viewable screen has remained the same at 6.1 inches. The OLED screen is much better than the previous LCD screen. The pixel count has also increased to 1170 x 2532. The refresh rate is 60Hz which is less than most android phones of similar price point. The screen also provides a higher level of brightness for regular use. This makes watching HDR content a lot more fun. Overall, the OLED screen provides improved HDR and contrast. As for the colours, they are as accurate as possible.


Another great idea that the iPhone 12 has created is Magsafe. It is very interesting to see an entire system based on the use of magnets such as wireless chargers, wallets, car mounts, cases, and more. The Magsafe charger is an accessory that most of us want to get. The iPhone 12 also comes with a second NFC chip just for Magsafe. It helps identify when the charger is attached and allows for quick charging. However, the charging is not as fast a regular charger for obvious reasons.

In addition to the above, NFC also allows you to do cute things such as light a ring around the screen which would help with the detection of accessories. You can find a variety of Magsafe cases for the best experience. It is only a matter of time until third-party companies come up with new things that you can do with the magnets.


The iPhone 12 is powered by 5G. Apple has finally joined the 5G club. 5G is a flagship feature of the latest iPhone. It promises incredibly fast downloading. However, to get those speeds, you need to be at the right city or even the right block.

Although the networks are not completely built, you will notice a significant difference in internet speed when you use the iPhone 12, especially in cities like San Francisco and Oakland. If you reach the right location, you will receive speeds that will blow your mind. Thus, the internet speed comes down to where you are and the network that you use. Now, you can download an entire Netflix series with 2,400 Mbps. It does not get better than this.


When talking about the iPhone 12, it is impossible to overlook the camera. The lenses or sensors of the iPhone 12 have been left unchanged. The main camera has seen a decrease in aperture to ensure that more light comes into the picture. You will notice the bigger difference in terms of software and new capabilities with the help of the A14 Bionic processor. The iPhone 12 camera is not massive which makes it more attractive than the iPhone 11.

If you are comparing the latest iPhone with previous models and are thinking if it is it worth buying iPhone 8, you will come to realize that the camera is just amazing. Keep in mind that when you use the iPhone 12 Pro, you will also get to use LIDAR, telephoto, and depth calculations for better pictures and improved image stabilization. Furthermore, the system has an easier time recognizing faces and making tweaks to images to optimize them. Overall, the iPhone 12 camera does a better job in fine details.

Software, Battery Life, and Performance

Finally, we will discuss the software, battery life, and performance of the iPhone 12. When you use the iPhone, you will realize that it is amazingly fast. The A14 Bionic chip helps speed up every process. It is something that you will see more of in upcoming Mac computers. This means that games will load a whole lot faster and websites will load without any hassle.

As for the battle life, you should not expect much change from the iPhone 11. However, your battery will drop when you use 5G. Batter life is something that you would not notice a huge change in. You should be able to make it through a day.

Finally, looking at the iOS 14, there are new widgets for everything. The software helps bring everything together. It balances all the functions to ensure that you have a seamless experience.


The Apple iPhone 12 is probably the hottest smartphone that one can possibly buy. It has an elegant design, excellent camera, upgraded display, 5G internet, and provides access to Magsafe ecosystem. Hence, it is worth the cost.