For people who are looking to have a personalized look for their possessions, there is nothing like using custom vinyl stickers. These stickers, which are made with quality vinyl, have been designed to provide customers with high quality which will last for many years depending on the usage circumstances and the place of adhesiveness. Since most of us look for products which will last for a long time, you will need to think about buying these vinyl stickers from shops and companies which can provide you with good quality.

There are many different types of vinyl stickers. In other words, Vinyl stickers come in all colors, sizes, shapes, and letter fonts. They are used to create full size banners, logos, and lettering. Photos can also be printed onto vinyl stickers, making them stand out with deep vibrant colors. Printing your store or business logo on vinyl will look clean and professional. Transferring a vinyl sticker to a window, wall, vehicle, and on other surfaces is easy.


Another reason why vinyl is preferred is that it is cost effective and adds a touch of glamour to any surface you apply it to



Here’s how to apply vinyl

Clean the surface that you want to apply the stickers to. Use the rag and the window cleaner to make sure that the surface is as clean as possible.

Peel the wax paper backing of the sticker away leaving the adhesive side down. Leave the sticker attached to the application tape when you do this. (NOTE: the application tape looks like masking tape.)

Carefully place the application tape and your sticker onto the surface. Make sure that you apply it as smoothly as you can by hand for now.

Smooth down the application tape and the sticker- use an expired credit card or the small-headed squeegee to smooth the sticker down in all directions so as to remove any air bubbles that may be under the sticker.

Peel the application paper away from the vinyl sticker. Be careful not to lift the sticker off the surface when you do this.

Using a sharp knife, lift and slowly pull the excess vinyl away from the surface. Once you have lifted a piece, slowly pull the excess vinyl (any vinyl that is not a part of the sticker) away from the surface. You should be able to pull this excess vinyl off without disturbing the sticker.

Congratulations you have successfully transferred the sticker