Are cheap glasses necessarily bad?

Many say that eyeglasses are profitable, but they have to go to the optician to buy expensive prescription glasses when they have myopia. I wouldn’t know anything about people who think this way, nor can I say anything about them. Up-to-date people see the value of what they need. With the development of the Internet, especially with the emergence of various shopping sites, it is not necessary to go to an optician to buy prescription glasses. But cheap eyeglasses are also a concern for many people, so are cheap glasses necessarily bad?

The actual store adds rent, operating costs, customer acquisition costs, after-sales costs, transportation costs, and labor costs, but also a variety of professional equipment, such as optometry equipment, processing equipment, tools accessories, etc., these are to be counted to the cost of prescription glasses, so many costs, the glasses can’t still be cheap. The glasses sold online, such as ABBE Glasses, is directly in the origin of the goods. So no above these costs are naturally more affordable. And the most important thing is that the glasses they sell to you are the same quality, then you get the so-called cheap glasses and buy the same in the stores. What do you think?

A brief analysis of the reasons for the price difference

1. Optometry service

Optometry is the need for customers to go to a professional eye hospital for optometry, according to the fee schedule and each project-specific charge. Buy glasses online without this service; naturally will not earn this money.

In the store to buy glasses, usually in the store after the test on the prescription. Although this service is not charged, we should know that optometry is not a free service but a medical practice.
Optometry equipment: computerized optometry, focal length meter, optometric inserts, optometric table light box, comprehensive optometry, optometry combination table, pupil distance meter, and a series of small pieces of equipment, all cost money, and the money will naturally be added from other aspects to earn back, plus how much depends on them.

2. store rent and labor costs (here, the analysis is the same lenses and frames of the same material)

People who have had the experience of buying glasses in stores know that good lenses and frames cost hundreds. So why online glasses can be so much cheaper?
You will find that most of the opticians are in the prime area and have sufficient traffic nearby—this kind of address store rent and how will be cheap. The second sizeable optical store, generally in addition to the boss, will hire sales and service staff if it is a small store, the owner himself as sales.

Whether it is store rent or labor costs, they must be counted on the lenses and frames added!

The online site does not need to pay expensive store rent, and labor costs will also save a lot on cost savings; the price is naturally preferential.

Seeing this, I’m sure you know why it’s cheaper to buy glasses online. However, if you pay attention to the service experience of the physical store, do not care too much about the price, and wear comfortable goods.