Do you want to install a surveillance camera system? Are you considering of buying a cheap IP camera? Then, this post is just for you as it looks at whether cheap IP cameras are worth it. Similar to how people have started to ditch expensive cable TV for Netflix and other contract-free subscription services, more and more people are switching to IP cameras. There is no denying that a cheap IP camera is perfect for anyone on a tight budget. However, chances are that you might be wondering if cheaper price translates to lower quality.

The thing home security cameras in the world of today, is that they are not only for people that have a ton of money. If you are on a budget and still want to add a layer of security to your home, then, there is nothing better than a cheap IP camera. All Wireless Home offers some of the best cheap IP cameras out there that offer high-quality reliability for less. If you are still confused about whether you should get a cheap IP camera or not, the following pros and cons of IP cameras will provide you with a clear picture.

Pros of IP Cameras

  • Low Cost: Perhaps, the most obvious advantage of a cheap IP camera is its low cost. As technology has made significant progress, it has made technology much cheaper. There are many cheap entry-level IP-based cameras which offer high-quality for a reasonable amount of money.
  • Fewer IP Cameras Are Required: When it comes to IP cameras, fewer IP cameras are required to get the job done unlike analog cameras which you might need of a greater quantity in order to receive the same service.
  • Multiple Sensors: Another benefit of IP cameras is that they can contain three to four cameras in just one. This helps ensure that a greater area is covered rather than having to get place multiple cameras for the same area. The multiple sensors allow you to operate a single IP camera while offering the benefit of four cameras. Besides, it would cost you just one license as only one signal goes through the cable system.
  • Ease Installation: IP cameras are very easy to install. Unlike an analog camera which has two wires, the IP camera just has one wire for both power and data. It effectively connects to the network switch without any hassles. Hence, you will not need power near the site of the camera. Moreover, the IP camera allows you to remotely zoom and focus. Once the IP camera has been installed, you can angle it wherever you want. You get complete control over the IP camera and can use it remotely for maximum security.
  • Resolution: IP Cameras pack a punch when it comes to resolution. They offer high image quality as compared to analog cameras. Moreover, you have the option to choose the resolution and aspect ratio that you want.
  • Analytics and Intelligence: The thing about IP cameras is that they are just like a small computer which stores videos after compression. Furthermore, you can program the IP camera to detect smoke or motion, to sense when an item disappears, track certain colors, count people, and set off alarms. Thus, it is the ultimate camera for optimal security.
  • Security: The video is authenticated and encrypted which ensures secure transmission.
  • Less Equipment: Unlike your regular analog camera, IP cameras require less equipment. There is no need to have a decoder or encoder.
  • Open Platform: IP cameras have been designed to be used with just about everything. They tend to be universal which makes it easier for you to add new functions to them.

Cons of IP Cameras

  • Learning Curve: IP Cameras provide a user interface which is quite sophisticated. Hence, it requires more than just intuition. If you want to fully utilize it, you will need some technical knowledge.
  • Storage: Since IP cameras offer higher resolution, you will need to adjust the storage space from time to time.
  • Initial Set-Up Cost: When you install an IP camera system, you will need to consider the initial set-up cost. But, once it has been set up, you can easily customize it according to your needs.

How to Buy a Cheap IP Camera

IP Cameras allow you to take advantage of home security camera solutions for much less. You get more for a lot less. The following tips will help ensure that you buy the right cheap IP camera.

Determine Why You Need a Security Camera

The first thing that you need to do when shopping for a cheap IP camera is to determine why you need one. Having a goal in mind will make the shopping experience a lot easier. Whether you want to buy a camera for the outdoors or indoors, you should know what you want. Moreover, check to ensure if you require any pet-friendly features or motion sensors. Research the different features when shopping for cheap IP cameras. Ask yourself if you need more than just one security camera and if its purpose is to deter burglars or to check if your pet or child is at home or not. You might also need a mobile app to keep an eye on your home at all times.

Choose a Reputable IP Camera Brand

Make sure that you choose a reputable IP camera brand such as All Home Wireless. It offers amazing IP cameras for low prices. Moreover, the IP cameras have the latest features so that you can benefit from advanced security solutions and save a ton of money at the same time. It does not get better than this. You can always read online reviews to get a better idea of the quality of service provided by the IP cameras.


Cheap IP cameras dominate the security solutions market. They are a great alternative to expensive home security solutions. Get a cheap IP camera for your home to provide your loved ones with better security.