Are Solar Panels Good for the Environment?

If you’re considering switching to solar panels for your home, you should know about the benefits it offers to the environment and your own home. This article covers the main reasons solar panels are good for the environment, including reducing carbon dioxide emissions, helping to reverse the effects of climate change, and how they can additionally help you save money on utility bills. Additionally, if you install solar panels from with batteries any solar companies in Alberta, you can even eliminate your electric bill!

Continue to read on and learn more about the the various reasons solar panels are good for the environment and why they have become such a popular asset amongst modern-day homeowners!


1. Solar Panels Are Environmentally Friendly

The environmental impact of the solar panels you install will depend on the panel you choose and how much electricity you get out of that panel. When it comes to the amount of energy you get out of your solar panel, up to 80% of the electrical energy that your solar panel produces will be converted into usable electricity. Only 20% of your solar energy is lost as heat or light.

The remaining 20% is used to drive a motor or generate electricity from other parts in a battery. When these batteries are charged, they can be used to store energy during times when you’re not using any power. When that power is needed later, it can be used to power your appliances or light your home. But the benefits don’t stop there!


2. Solar Panels Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emissions

A photovoltaic panel is required to use solar panels for your home. Photovoltaic panels convert light into electricity and then send out the electricity through an electrical outlet or a battery. Because photovoltaic panels convert light into electricity, they allow you to reduce your carbon dioxide emissions. And because solar power does not require burning fossil fuels, which release carbon dioxide as a byproduct of combustion, solar panels also help you reduce your carbon emissions.


3. Solar Panels Help Reverse Climate Change

The main reason why many people are concerned about their carbon emissions is that burning fossil fuels, such as coal and oil, releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and cause great harm. As more and more people burn fossil fuels, greenhouse gases levels are vastly increasing, which causes the earth to warm up to potentially dangerous temperatures. According to environmental experts, acquring solar panels and installing them onto your home is an effective way to reduce carbon emissions and reducing your own carbon footprint.

To get the most out of your solar panels, you should install as much photovoltaic equipment as possible. For example, if you install two solar panels on your roof and both are connected and set in parallel — one panel generates 12 Amps at peak capacity. The other one generates 24 Amps of power at its peak capacity; when they’re connected, 36 Amps of power can be generated. So, when you rely on one panel at a time, you’re wasting up to 50% of the electricity that could be generated. But if you have two panels, they can generate twice the amount of electricity, and they can save you money in the long run.


4. You Can Save Money With Solar Panels

Before you install solar panels for your home, it’s important to determine how much electricity your home uses in a month and how much money you spend on utility bills each month. Once solar panels are installed, they produce free electricity that costs nothing to use. The only time you’re charged for using your solar panels is when your home is drawing electricity from the solar panels, and it’s not enough to meet the needs of your home.

If you get solar panels with batteries, you can save even more money on utility bills. This is because while the sun is shining, your solar panels produce free electricity to generate power for your home and charge the batteries installed on the same day as the photovoltaic system. Then at night or when it’s cloudy, you can use that stored battery power to keep your appliances running. Because this allows you to use the excess energy generated from your solar panels during the day, it can help you save money on utility bills.


  1. Solar Panels Can Even Eliminate Your Electric Bill

Because you can store electricity in a battery in order to use it at a later time, you can theoretically get rid of the need for an electric utility provider entirely. If you get solar panels with batteries and use them at night or when there isn’t any sunlight available, you can potentially reduce your electric bill to $0 per month, depending on how much electricity your home uses each day. Therefore, after the cost of the photovoltaic system and storage batteries are recovered (typically between 3-5 years), you will use free electricity from the sun for all of your home’s needs, with no more utility bills.

Because these solar panels are relatively cheap to install (about $4.50 per watt for residential solar systems ), it won’t take long for you to recover the costs of installing them. Then after you do, you’ll be able to cut your electric bill in half.

Although the initial costs of installing solar panels can be quite expensive, once they are installed and generate free electricity, you’re able to reduce your utility bills considerably.