Are You Blogging for the Right Reasons?


Recently I have heard a few of my friends and acquaintances expressing their thoughts about how they plan on starting a blog which made me wonder, do people really blog for the right reasons?

I have listed a few of the top reasons why most people blog to make it clear that why should you blog and why you shouldn’t;

  1. Passion in Writing:

This is the most common reason why most people blog. People interested in writing nowadays know that writing in a notebook is not going to really help them instead blogging can get their work out there in the world.

These people really do not care about the traffic or comments; they write because they love to do it.

  1. To Gain Fame:

Another major reason you will find many bloggers today is because they see other successful bloggers and aim to be as famous as them. People who start to blog for this reason may easily quit as they are not doing it out of passion but just because they want quick fame. Blogging really does not give you quick fame, it gives you fame slowly and steadily if you are consistent with your efforts.

This is a misguided reason to start a blog and may fail miserably.

  1. To Earn Money:

Many people think that blogging is an easy way of earning quick money. Truly these people are not aware of the kind of efforts it takes to just get an Adsense approval, let alone bring traffic to the page. Blogging is about creating great content. If you are not capable of doing so then there is no point in starting a blog as a mediocre blog will not be a success.

If you think that you can do a 9-5 job and also become a successful blogger, it is quite difficult as blogging is really a full-time job in itself. Blogging for money means you will have to be active in marketing your blog which requires time and money. You will have to do a great job at SEO, work on website accessibility so that it reaches to everyone including the disables, maintain your site, optimize it, etc. Finding time to write as well as doing all these takes more time than your full-time job does.


  1. Product Branding:

There are blogs out there just to create awareness about the company’s brand. These blogs are dedicatedly created to engage customers and guide them to the company’s product page.

Apart from brand-specific blogs. there are blogs which review various products like phones or cars, etc. This is a great niche if you are passionate about the products you are reviewing. If you are passionate about cars, then reviewing them can really be interesting and your readers may engage with you more. But do not just create a product blog just because it works for others, do this only if the product interests you.

  1. To Find Jobs:

One reason why a few people blog is to showcase their skills of writing or creating a webpage so that they can use it in their portfolio. Photographers also blog for the same reasons and it is actually a good tactic to find a job. You may not worry about the traffic inflow or marketing but focus on creating a good blog to showcase your talent.

  1. To Help Others:

A lot of people actually start a blog because they have certain self-help topics, they want to share with others to help them as well. Blogs focusing on health, relationships, parenting, depression, etc. started with good intention is a great way of reaching out to people and is a good reason to start a blog.

  1. To Maintain Personal Journal:

Blogging is like a new way of keeping journals for many, but it is not a hidden journal. These people like to be connected with friends and family through their personal blog.

  1. To Come in the Open Anonymously:

A few bloggers write anonymously with the sheer idea of coming in the open with their ideologies which their family or society do not support. It is a great way of opening up your heart and connecting with people who think alike. 

You must be already blogging or thinking of starting a new blog. Weight your reasons and if you feel you wish to blog for the right reasons then why wait? Start blogging today!!!