Axis vs. Samsung – Which one is the Best CCTV Brand?

The industry of video surveillance is a competitive one. A lot of players are in the race but obviously only a few lead and the other count as challengers. When it comes to talking generally, then Samsung is no small name. Samsung has made a name for itself in the mobile, home appliances, and video surveillance industry. However, when it comes to the brand that pioneers the industry, it is Axis Communications.

Change in the Video Surveillance Industry

Before we go into discussing which brand is the better or best among these two, it is important to talk about the shift in this particular industry. CCTV cameras come in two major types; namely the analogue and IP Network. Over the years, the demand for analogue cameras has decreased in the western markets. On the other hand, those who switched to IP have been trying to keep up with the ever-changing technology. With the IoT on the rise, IP will become even more significant.

Axis Communications

This company has been leading as the industry has upgraded to the IP Network cameras. Experts believe that Axis has been the game changer as the competitive landscape of the industry has evolved. The company has its roots internationally and lies in the topmost quarter of the market in terms of share and growth.

Over the last 15 years and so, Axis has been growing steadily. When it comes to the IP technology, none of the other competitors has been able to match it. On the other hand, one of its biggest challenges has been the competition given by Chinese manufacturers such the Hikvision and Dahua, which are counted as established companies in the industry. In the case of a better budget and requirement of advanced surveillance, you should choose an Axis CCTV camera.


Samsung is a name that can’t be ignored when it comes to electronics. They have been steadily maintaining their position in the leader quadrant. Yet, they will have to keep working hard as they face similar challenges to Axis Communications. If you own a small business or your surveillance needs are limited, then you may go with a Samsung CCTV camera.

Axis Communications vs. Samsung

If you want to decide what camera to install for surveillance brand-wise, then it depends on what you need. Axis definitely has been unmatched in its technology for IP Network but Samsung offers a cheaper and strongly branded alternative.

For many camera seekers out there, people choose Samsung over Axis for its better price and brand identity. They could choose cameras from other brands that lead the industry, which include names like Panasonic, Sony, and Bosch. However, none of these has as much of a brand loyalty as Samsung.

In terms of camera performance, professional testing has revealed that Samsung Techwin cameras are above average as compared to other leading brands. Therefore, Axis provides better technology but it comes at a price. Find both brands at a CCTV distributor.




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