So, you have your wedding day coming soon and you wish to throw a bachelorette party for your friends? Well, there is certainly nothing wrong in celebrating your last day as a “single” girl. There are several ways to celebrate this day with your friends. However, if you wish to help your maids in honor, along with yourself as the bridesmaid, celebrate with a little bit of adult fun and some male eye candy, then you need to plan ahead. If you plan it out properly, especially the location and the male entertainment part, then you can certainly enjoy the last day of your freedom.


Private Entertainment or Strip Club?

If you seriously wish to include some male entertainment to your bachelorette party, then there are 2 separate directions you may go. The first is opting for a strip club and the second is hiring a private male entertainer from Both options have their distinct plus and minus points and the ultimately choice depends on your own preference. If you expect a large group of girls to attend the party and do not mind people watching, then opting for a strip club will be a good idea. On the other hand, if you are not too keen on visiting strip clubs and expect a small group of girls to attend the party, then a private stripper male entertainer will be a preferred option.

Finding a strip club is not a difficult task. This is true as long as you know where and what to look for in this regard. At the same time, hiring a male stripper is also not challenging. If you are living in a major city, you can always depend on the Internet to help you narrow down your search. Simply search in Google and you get a list of male entertainers who are willing to get hired. You may also read some reviews about the different strippers and also take a look at their photos to ensure that they are suitable for your party.

Another factor that can play a major role in helping you decide between a strip club and a private male entertainer is the cost. If you have a budget in mind or simply do not mind the money going away like water, you will find several options. For budget minded people, opting for a strip club will be a good idea. You will need to make a deposit and the remaining amount will be given at the time of service. In a strip club, you do not have to pay the entertainers. You just need to pay the cover fee during admittance. You also need to pay for the tips, possible private dances, and drinks.

If you definitely wish to include such fun in your party, you need to be frank about it with your girls. This will help them avoid coming to the party if they feel offended and also prevent them from being blindsided or even feel uncomfortable during the entire party.