How much drinking is too much? How to avoid Bar Brawls?

Let’s admit that Bartenders have a tough job. Knowing when to cut somebody off is a tricky business. According to “Vice Cops,” a person that seems intoxicated with a slurring speech and tripping they will tell you that this particular person maybe handicapped or they may have a speech impediment. As a Business, your job is to avoid lawsuits and insulting somebody. The best way to assess somebody’s level of drunkenness is the way they handle their money. When somebody comes to your Bar and you perform a drink and, they pull out their money which looks like a mess then you can be certain that you are facing a person who might be drunk.


Tough Routine Pays Well

If your mantra works, you must know that you will make a good fortune. The work is exhausting because you will come across rude customers on a constant basis. However, on slow nights you will make a hundred to one-fifty bucks. On the other hands, on good nights like Christmas eve, New Year nights or other celebrations you can notch up to 250 or more bucks. On the other hand, if you get hired by a top-shot Bar like Trader Vic’s or any other place that has more than 200 hot shots, then the first step for your success is to memorize all their cocktails and drinks. Moving on, you need to do set your goals. As a reader, you must be thinking that this article implies an “Anthony Robbins” lecture on motivation; However, paying attention to this step is vital. Most of the training schools and institutes focus 90% on their time, knowledge and skills. On the other hand, The power of goal setting is undeniable.


Now, if you come across somebody that comes in and you serve them three drinks then, that person is obviously drunk and so you can legally cut them off anytime. There will always be people that can handle more than three drinks but there will be ones that will be on the floor with just a couple. As a Bartender, it is always a very subjective thing to deal with. Most of the times, customers that cannot handle booze will cross the line and become obnoxious with other customers. However, dealing the situation with a professional manner is always a daunting task for a Bouncer. It is very difficult to reason with a drunk person and you are most likely not going to win an argument with them.


It is essential that you never get upset, and stay calm and deal with the situation thoroughly. After all, this is the job you are hired for and an environment where Bartenders tend to be rude or frustrating can get other customers irked.


Bar Brawls: How To Avoid?

If a Bar brawl gets out of control then, the doormen are to be informed at time and they usually deal with it. Some of the younger lots try to get a drink but their legal age does not allow them to do so. I faced many situations where a group of friends with different age-groups would try to fool me out with the help of fake ids and get in. This is where “Bar Books” will help you. Getting rid of that young fella with a fraudulent identification is very vital to your success. Because, if they end up getting drunk and do stupid things like drive drunk or cause a Bar fight then, the question comes to the place that served them in the first place. So, it is essential that you do your training, complete your resume, and act logical in different situations because it is not so easy to become a kick-ass Bartender.