Every office needs some basic supplies in order to support a thriving and successful company! Employees perform at a higher level of efficiency when everything they need is readily available. Read on to learn about 10 key supplies to have in your office.


  1. Various Technology Devices

While you can probably do almost anything that you need to do on a cell phone or tablet these days, it is much more comfortable for an employee to have an actual computer at their desk to work from. Providing a laptop gives your employees the comfort of seeing the larger screen while they are working, but it still allows for mobile transport if they need to finish something at home. While a tablet provides a decent experience, having the keyboard on the laptop provides an excellent experience. In addition to computers, offices should be set up with a printer, copier and scanner. These can be purchased all in one or separately. If you expect your employees to check email or make calls outside of office hours, consider providing a company cell phone for them.


  1. Software or Apps

The specific software or apps that you purchase will depend on what type of company your office houses. Some areas to consider are word processing, time cards, and presentation programs, spreadsheets, marketing and ordering processors. Software and apps can save a lot of time and can often be synced with other devices in case someone needs to work on something at home. With so many options available, be certain that you choose what aligns most clearly with your company’s mission and goals.


  1. Security

Several types of security should be in place. First of all, you may wish to have a security system in place to recognize employees for their own safety. Secondly, cyber security is a must in order to protect the information that you store online. This protects your brand as well information about employees and clients alike.


  1. Paper Products

Paper seems obvious, until you run out. Keep a large supply of copy paper for printing and copying. Also, have legal pads available for people to use for note taking at meetings. Be sure each desk is stocked with various sizes of sticky notes and page markers as well. You may wish to keep a stock of small legal pads in the meeting room for anyone who forgets to bring something on which to take notes. These small touches help reduce stress and bring about a more productive flow in the office.


  1. Mail Supplies

With technology, we do not mail near as many items as we used to. We often just use email to send documents back and forth. There will be times that you or an employee will need to mail something, so keeping a few simple supplies on-hand will reduce the stress of having to make a trip to the post office. Have various sized envelopes on-hand as well as a machine to weigh and print the postage. It is also a good idea to have a few different sizes of boxes and packing tape available as well.


  1. Furniture

Comfort is key for your employees. Providing office furniture that adjusts to a person’s needs for comfort shows that you care about them. Sydney Office Furniture has wonderful height adjustable desks that will allow each employee to work at a height that works for them. Also, be sure to have ergonomic chairs available that also adjust in height. In common area spaces and waiting rooms, some couches or other more comfortable chairs will make your office inviting and give the employees a nice space to relax during their breaks.


  1. Desk Supplies

Do not miss the obvious! Be sure each desk is stocked with good quality pens, pencils and highlighters. Tape dispensers, scissors and staplers are also a must. Having paper trays, pen holders and other organizers will keep everyone’s desk looking nice. Make sure there are trash cans available at each desk as well. Finally, binder clips and paper clips round out the most popular desk supplies.



  1. Communication Boards

Communication boards will come in handy for staff meetings and meetings with clients. There are many to choose from! Glass boards, whiteboards and flipchart boards are some of the more popular ones. You can purchase them to mount on a wall or to be mobile. Either way, you will look prepared and ready for a great meeting.



  1. Planning & Organization

While many people prefer to keep their calendars in their cell phones, many others need something to look at. Be sure to have planning calendars available for those who want them. Also, consider having meetings posted on a board for everyone to see at a glance what is on the schedule for the day. Filing cabinets may still be a necessary way to organize as well, depending on the needs of the company. If you are using filing cabinets, be sure to have hanging file folders and regular file folders available. Be sure to have a label maker available so that the tabs on the folders are easy for everyone to read.


  1. Common Areas

Having common areas such as meeting rooms and employee break rooms is very important. Getting people away from their desk throughout the day is good for their body and for their mind. Consider stocking these areas with coffee machines and water. Some small snacks or mints are also greatly appreciated. Those little touches can go a long way when it comes to employee loyalty to the company.


Successful offices are always comfortable and well-stocked. Be prepared for a very profitable year ahead by being sure that you have all of the above items in place. Your employees and clients alike will thank you.