Be Aware of Gambling Addiction to Protect Yourself

Ludomania is mainly diagnosed in teenagers aged 13-16 who play computer games for 5-7 hours every day. In the illusory world, they feel more comfortable than in reality due to difficulties in communicating with peers, misunderstandings on the part of parents, and family problems. Such addicts “live” the game and do not need a victory — they get a thrill from participating in the gameplay. The risk group also includes adults who feel pronounced excitement and the desire to play back when losing. They get real euphoria from the game on a physiological level.

If you have been thinking about playing in a casino, the most essential is to be aware of a possible problem. In this way, you will not find yourself in a pity situation, and you will be able to enjoy your favorite games on the platform.

You can understand that the hobby has already become dangerous by the following signs:

  • a person spends all their free time playing, interrupting working hours;
  • a chemical reaction occurs in the body that produces endorphins, so the player feels courage, excitement, and inspiration;
  • outside the game space, a person thinks only about the game;
  • lack of interest in life;
  • spending all money on the game, trying to play anywhere and for anything;
  • changing the circle of communication, minimizing communication with the family;
  • constant requests for money;
  • untidy appearance;
  • sudden weight loss or weight gain;
  • constant insomnia;
  • frequent headaches,
  • deterioration of vision.

Addiction to Slots

The most common addiction is diagnosed in 65% of gambling addicts. They have one goal — to win the jackpot, for which they develop different strategies, change machines, and look for various approaches that are supposed to help them hit a life-changing jackpot. Gamers are firmly convinced that they will win a “big jackpot”, and periodic winnings of small amounts do not even cover half of the costs but only encourage them to play further.

Sports betting

To win in betting on sports, for example, football, it is necessary to devote all personal time to studying the game. Watch matches, analyze the coaching and main team composition, and monitor the tournament tables for previous seasons. Otherwise, a sports bet is a random bet, so players rarely win.

Table games

The most dangerous type of gambling, especially if the game is played in live mode for big money. There are always professional players at the table, and there is a very low chance to win over more experienced competitors. To succeed in these games, it is necessary to learn all the rules, experiment with tactics, and keep a healthy approach to the game to be able to evaluate the state of affairs and winning odds objectively.

Treatment of Gambling Addiction

This addiction requires appropriate treatment. And the earlier it is implemented, the better the chances of success.

Many people who have noticed that their relative or friend is addicted start controlling them and make effort to explain the problem. However, it is necessary to understand that psychologists who specialize in this area should work with an addicted person. They will talk to the addicted person, define the reasons for addiction and explain how to get rid of gambling addiction. Of course, they will develop an individual treatment program, probably, including the medical treatment in it. Also, they will help loved ones develop the right tactics of behavior so as not to become a trigger for the recovered gamer.


Final Words

Gambling addiction is hard to treat, but patients can be cured. They must recognize the problem, understand that it prevents them from building a normal life, and want to get rid of the addiction. It is difficult to do this, but the practice of psychologists shows that with the joint constructive work of patients and doctors, positive results are guaranteed.

So, if you want to start playing, be sure to understand the pitfall of gambling and check your state regularly. You can also ask your close friend to keep an eye on you if you have doubts. Not so many people suffer from addiction compared to the total number of gamblers. However, it is better to be safe than sorry.