Most bed frames are made of either wood or metal. Usually, a wooden frame will look best with a wood headboard, and a metal frame with metal, but this depends on the style of the headboard and how much of the frame will be seen. No matter what material you choose, you will need to make sure that headboard, and footboard if applicable, will properly fit into the frame. Most headboards can adjust to fit the frames that differ slightly, but again this will depend on what the headboard is made out of and what size it is

So what are some of the things to consider before buying a bed frame?


Although the dimensions of the frames are standard, there are many different shapes and sizes. When buying your twin bed frames, know that there are non-standard sizes too. Many people often think they have a twin size bed when really it is a twin extra-long or a three-quarter size.


Designs can include; engravings in the headboard and footboard, as well as the color. More detailed headboards are often found on queen and king size bed frames. This is because twin beds are usually more popular as beds for kids where king and queen size bed frames are often part of the master bedroom.

Although you probably had to buy your mattress separate from the headboard, if you purchased a bed frame for your bed then chances are the frame came with a headboard. Sometimes this is not the case, and perhaps you wish to buy a nicer headboard for a frame that you already have.

When looking for a headboard, it is important that you take accurate measurements. This is to ensure that the bed fits properly with the headboard. If it’s not a good fit, then you will definitely not be happy with its appearance. So measure the width and length of the bed frame. Then measure the height of the bed including the mattress in the frame.

Next, measure the size of the room. Then decide on what size, color, and style of headboard would be most appropriate for your bedroom

Remember, you want your bedroom to be a place of refuge and relaxation. So when selecting a headboard, you will need one that matches the rest of the furniture in the room, like bed frames, closet doors, chairs, etc.

If you have a large bedroom, it will be quite easy to fit in any sort of headboard. If you have a large room with a small bed, perhaps you should get a taller headboard to make the bed appear larger or a headboard with a shelving unit.

If you have a small bedroom but want or need a larger headboard, consider getting a wrought iron headboard instead of a hefty wooden one. You might also consider purchasing a custom headboard that has a painting or tapestry on it. This can also be quite complimentary to the style of the room.

That said finding a bed with headboards can be quite a task. You have to measure the widths, lengths, and heights of each of the beds in the shops you visit. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just get this sorted out with just a click of a button so check out the best metal bed frames and the site about Metal Bed frames with full headboard