Travel is a necessity for many people. Whether for work or pleasure, you need that flight to take you to your destination. While this is normally how it goes, there are many times when flights are delayed or outright canceled. Most people think there is little they can do about this, but the truth is that you are due reimbursement. This will show you what you deserve for the inconvenience.


Flight Delays or Cancellations

If you fly often enough, then at some point you’ll be confronted with a flight delay or cancellation. Nearly 12 percent of all flights are delayed, which is more than one in 10 flights. This can be for minutes, hours or even days in some extreme cases. Some flights are just cancelled and you’re left to scramble for new arrangements.

This can be a massive inconvenience if you made travel plans and you need to be somewhere by a certain time. It’s just as bad for work because you might miss that important meeting or event.


Airline Tickets

Airline tickets are relatively expensive, especially if you have a long flight, so you might be wondering if there is any protection against delays or cancellations. While many people believe that they are due some compensation, the truth is that there are no federal laws or regulations around this practice.

This is why it’s important to stay on top of the airline’s policies. Each airline brand has their own rules. You have to fight for your rights and ensure you’re getting what’s due to you if the flight is delayed or cancelled.


Travel Problems

While the focus here is compensation and flight reimbursement for airline delays, there are plenty of travel issues that can occur during your trip. Not only are there plenty of potential issues, but you can often get reimbursed for each if you take the right steps.

In terms of flying, the plane can have issues while you’re in the air. The extreme case is the plane crashing, but often this results in touching down at another airport and waiting for another flight. This is a big waste of time and it derails your travel plans.

Once you get to the destination, there might be issues with your hotel, transportation, event tickets and more. The perfect vacation requires that everything works properly and it often does. But there are times where nothing seems to go right. You’re due reimbursement for your lost time and all the inconvenience you had to suffer.


Finding Cheaper Flights

Flying is fast and safe, but it’s also one of the more expensive travel methods. Most people pay for the extra time and convenience because now you don’t have to drive states away. Finding cheaper flights is a great way to have extra money for your vacation.

There are numerous ways to find more affordable flights. There are many websites that aggregate all the online sources and get the cheapest price possible. Another tip is to call the airline directly and see how expensive their tickets are. They often pay a percentage to the aggregate websites, so they might cut a deal for a direct sale.

You should also look for coupons. Most people associate coupons to products and services, but there are many deals on flights. Look for coupons to see how much you can save.


What to do if a Flight is Cancelled

There are several different things you can do if a flight is cancelled. Most people follow the airline attendant and are booked on the next available flight. This is often at the same rate, but sometimes you have to pay extra depending on the flight. You can also cancel the entire trip and often be refunded all or most of the ticket price.

Reimbursement is all in your hands. Whether you want a different flight or your money back, you have to do the work to ensure this happens. That can be just talking to an airline representative or directly contacting the airline and demanding reimbursement.



Flying is the fastest way to travel, but a delay or cancellation can be a major issue for your plans. Be sure to seek reimbursement if there are any problems.