Benefits of Hiring a Social Media Agency

It is a common place that brands today have social media accounts as one of their main branding practices. Social media provides an opportunity for the brand to help spread the message about its values, products, and news. Whether you are a small brand or a large corporation, the quality of your social media accounts and messaging is crucial to your brand popularity, perception, and sales. Choosing an expert to hire for social media can be a daunting task, and there are no guarantees that your following, engagement, or quality of posts may improve. Social media agencies provide a multitude of benefits for the companies that are looking for an expert to handle their accounts and provide results that their in-house teams may be failing to accomplish.

Why Social Media Agency can Achieve Higher Quality Results  

Initially, with the start of Instagram around 2012, social media was still handled by in-house interns who would post content without much thought and consideration. Today, brand social pages resemble those of top publications in terms of the quality of content, engagement on posts, and following of their accounts. To compete efficiently, it is not enough for brands to turn to their internal teams with inadequate staff, lack of experience and knowledge. This has led many companies to hire digital agencies  to help them by providing concrete and measurable results for their social media accounts. Furthermore, their in-house marketing teams are able to focus on other marketing matters as well as advance their knowledge and understand of social media.

Below, we are including a list of top reasons social media agencies can achieve more brand growth:

1.     They know how to bring in more audience: social media agencies specialize in increasing brands following and impressions on social platforms. They are able to bring thousands (if not millions) of new customers by developing strategies that help brands go viral on Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, TikTok and more.T

2. They specialize in working with influencers: influencers are the secret ingredient to brands success on social media. For example, some of the most followed channels on YouTube consist of top gaming influencers, where one may have over 100M subscribers alone. Working with niche influencers also allows brands to carefully select and connect with their target demographic. Social agencies often have network of influencers into thousands from which brands can choose from and work with.

3.     They understand branding better and how it influences engagement: branding is crucial on social channels as it ensures that the messaging of the company is consistent across different venues. Social media agencies are able to carefully craft content that communicates brands values, unique proposition, and differentiating factors of their products/service.

4.     They are ultimately cheaper in overall output than in-house teams: social media agencies have resources that in-house teams don’t. This means that they are able to utilize the skills of top experts for a fraction of the cost and come up with a far better output. As they often work with top brands, they offer insider perspective and knowledge of all the best practices, “secret ingredients,” and other valuable information that in-house teams would be unaware of.